Celia Hynes joins BooBee’s Big Campaign

‘I would hate them to go through this’

Celia Hynes was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2015 after finding a lump whilst reading in bed.

Celia originally took part in Prevent Breast Cancer’s BreastFest 2019. This campaign was the brainchild of Prevent Breast Cancer Patron, Margo Cornish, and saw 100 women, affectionately known as BooBees, who had been affected by breast cancer, join together to spread awareness and fundraise for a future without breast cancer. Celia found the experience ‘empowering, emotional and uplifting and whole lot of fun’. Recognising the impact that Covid has had on women and men not being able to go for testing, Celia has joined BooBee’s Big Campaign 2022 in hopes of continuing to raise awareness.

We are so grateful for Celia coming on board as a BooBee ambassador once again. All our BooBees are raring to go for their flagship fundraising event – BooBee presents Bingo Bedlam – a high-octane evening of emotion, inspiration and FUN at Manchester Central on November 19th.

Celia has very kindly shared her breast cancer story with us and shares her hope of raising awareness and encouraging all men and women of any age to check themselves and go for screening as advised.

Can you tell us a bit about your diagnosis?

I was diagnosed in July 2015 after finding a lump while I was reading in bed.  I saw my GP and then was at The Nightingale under Miss Barnes and Michelle my breast care nurse – both of whom were amazing. I was diagnosed with HER2+ and Oestrogen positive breast cancer.

I had surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital and six sessions of chemotherapy at The Christie. I also had fifteen sessions of radiotherapy, then Herceptin injections.

During my second regime of chemotherapy, I got neutropenic sepsis, and was admitted to hospital, which was quite scary, but I was well looked after.

How did you feel after your diagnosis?

When I first found out, I just wanted to get the lump out as soon as possible. I found telling others quite hard because I didn’t want to upset them. I am a nurse and often don’t take my own advice, but I am also very pragmatic, so I was grateful that I could be treated. I kept a gratitude diary and meditated, and that helped me a lot. I had amazing care throughout.

Are you still undergoing treatment?

I take Letrozole each day and will do for ten years. I also take vitamin D and calcium.

What inspired you to first get involved in BreastFest? What did you gain from taking part?

I realised that others need to check themselves and they don’t. I have two sons and I hate the thought that their partners would go through this.

It was empowering, emotional, uplifting and a whole lot of fun. I made some fabulous new friends and was proud to be part of the event and to continue fundraising.

What do you hope to gain from taking part in BooBee’s Big Campaign 2022?

I would like to continue to raise awareness but try and reduce fear. I think breast cancer is often perceived as happening to those who are older, but we know that’s not the case.

Thank you to Celia for sharing her inspirational story with us.

BooBee BooBee’s Big Campaign

As part of BooBee’s Big Campaign 2022, our BooBees have been spreading awareness this November by taking to the streets of Manchester on a huge bright pink bus for a week-long tour. By visiting communities, they’ve been able to talk to members of the public about their experiences with breast cancer and how vitally important it is to be breast cancer aware and to attend breast screening appointments.  

Our BooBees are also involved in their own individual fundraising efforts, as well as taking part in their flagship fundraising event – BooBee presents Bingo Bedlam on November 19th.

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Would you like to share your story?

We’re always looking to speak to people who are interested in sharing their story and experience of breast cancer. It not only helps us spread awareness but can be helpful for others who are dealing with the disease. If this is a cause close to your heart and you would be comfortable sharing your journey with other supporters, and potentially the media, then please get in touch today by emailing info@preventbreastcancer.org.uk

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