Loretta Mooney has joined Prevent Breast Cancer’s 100 Club to raise the final funds urgently required to build the National Breast Imaging Academy, which will provide more screenings, more staff and more research.

Over the next year, Loretta, a Financial Planner, has committed to raising an incredible £10,000 towards the building of this life-saving Academy, which will be an extension of The Nightingale Centre, the home of Prevent Breast Cancer.

Having been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, this is a cause incredibly close to Loretta’s heart. As she embarks on her fundraising journey, she has kindly shared her reasons for joining the 100 Club.

Loretta’s Story

I found a tiny lump about the size of a grain of rice. From the first time I found it and felt my heart in my mouth, I already knew that it wasn’t going to be good news. These things happened to other people, not someone like me, or so I thought.

I was diagnosed with a Grade 2, Ductal, In situ Carcinoma, Triple Negative cancer. After a lumpectomy, the hospital recommended a course of chemo (12 cycles) and then 15 days of radiotherapy. Throughout the 7-month period of treatment, the doctors, surgeons, nurses, volunteers, admin, pharmacy, the all-important tea lady and everyone else involved in this great machinery at The Christie and Nightingale Centre were absolutely amazing to say the least. I thank them all.

Before you are treated, and you start to find out what it will entail, along with the anecdotal stories, you are spending a considerable amount of your time with the Nightingale team. To say that the Centre is a happy, cheerful, positive, and an uplifting place is not doing it justice, especially as most of us are there because we have cancer.

I am delighted to say that the treatment worked, and I was given the all clear. The Nightingale team saved my life, and I can never express sufficiently my debt of gratitude and thanks.

This is why I am so committed to helping spread the good news about their work and to help and support them financially. Without this financial support none of the great work, development and progression can take place.

Fundraising for the National Breast Imaging Academy

The National Breast Imaging Academy will be an extension of The Nightingale Centre and will provide a solution to current workforce shortages in breast screening by delivering the space and facilities to train a sustainable workforce to support breast services across the country. This cutting-edge building will also allow the additional capacity for research into breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and will enable an extra 13,000 patients to be seen each year for breast screening.

My team at Kellands, where I work, will be supporting me with my incredible mission to help change and improve the quality and life expectancy of so many people and their families. With £2.08 million committed for the Academy, another £1.7 million is required to make this building a reality, enhance breast services and save a great many lives.

Thank you to Loretta for sharing her story.

Visit Loretta’s fundraising page.

Find out more about the 100 Club and how you too can make a difference.

Published On: April 10th, 2024 /

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