One Lump or Two? – a brand new podcast that’s not afraid to laugh (and cry) in the face of breast cancer. Featuring two women and three boobs, ‘baldly’ tackling life’s darkest moments.

Kate Hargreaves and Shelley Syme were total strangers but practically neighbours when they were both diagnosed with breast cancer. After a chance encounter, the pair soon forged a lasting friendship and now the unlikely duo have launched a brand-new podcast about what it’s really like getting a cancer diagnosis as a young adult – something that is rarely covered in the media.

Shelley, diagnosed at the age of 29, faced the daunting reality just six months before Kate, who received her diagnosis at 30. Their paths crossed through an unexpected connection on social media when Kate courageously reached out with a plea for support:

I kept feeling like people weren’t understanding how hard I was working with a body that just kept saying ‘no’ and I just wanted to find someone whose body was also saying ‘no’. So, I spent way too long writing a post for Facebook genuinely expecting no one to reply. Then Shelley found me.

Now the duo have ventured into the world of podcasting. Embracing a straight-talking approach to the often-mind-boggling world of cancer diagnosis and treatment, they channel their shared experiences into an unfiltered narrative that is as honest as it is light-hearted.

Unveiling the raw and unfiltered reality of breast cancer, the podcast radiates with a rare blend of candour, humour, and relatability.

Shelley explains how the podcast came about :

We were on a run and Kate was telling me about a dream she had where we were promoting breast cancer awareness by running around in boob suits telling everyone about cancer. Then I said, it sounded like a great podcast idea…and not too long later we started recording!

Motivated by their shared mission, they’ve embarked on an odyssey not only to raise awareness about cancer in young people but also to be a relatable and comforting presence to those grappling with their own diagnoses or supporting loved ones through the journey. Through genuine conversations and candid reflections, their aim is to offer solace, laughter, camaraderie and that feeling of ‘wow I thought it was only me!’ to listeners who may feel isolated in their struggles.

Kate reflects on her favourite episode:

I’d say my favourite was the chemotherapy episode because we filmed it at Christmas. Christmas was when I found my lump, so I was feeling very emotional anyway, which I think I created something really honest. Head over to our socials if you want to see me cry.

Indeed, series one offers 10 episodes covering a whole host of topics including navigating surgery, chemotherapy, dating, hair loss, and conversations with special guests.

Shelley continues :

My favourite is the ‘Netflix no chill’ episode where we talk about dating and sex after cancer. I think sex for some reason has always been a taboo subject so it was fun to chat about it and tell funny stories and hopefully people out there will think ‘oh thank God, it’s not just me’.

Kate agrees:

We want to carry on sharing our lives as we continue to navigate this over the next however many years. We want to continue the conversation to normalise and spread awareness of cancer in young people and how, even when the treatment has finished, it continues to affect people’s lives.

With season one under their belt, both look forward to embarking on season two, with plans afoot to chat to other people affected by cancer, as well as talk to health care professionals at all levels regarding the treatment process.

You can listen to One Lump Or Two? on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Podcasts. Episode one aired on 17th January 2024, with weekly episodes until 20th March.

This isn’t just a podcast; it’s a beacon of empathy, a source of inspiration from two remarkable women who dare to bare all, from the depths of despair to the beautiful moments of growth and hilarity.

Thanks so much to Kate and Shelley for chatting with us today.

Make sure to give them a follow on social media, and of course, listen to their podcast!

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