Christmas is a busy time for everyone

And we all experience the hustle and bustle of buying presents for everyone, decorating the house and getting ready for guests. Sometimes we can be guilty of being so busy with our own lives at Christmas that we lose sight of what counts at this special time. Why not give an extra special gift this year and donate to Prevent Breast Cancer.

Prevent Breast Cancer is the only UK charity committed solely to predicting and preventing the disease. With the only dedicated prevention centre in the country, we work with patients, researchers and leading scientists to discover how to prevent the UK’s most common cancer.

Donating to charity is something that we should consider all year round, however, this is often stressed at Christmas to try and help the people in these situations because the extent at which a small donation can go is much bigger than you probably think. Think about how much your donation can help someone and how the true meaning of Christmas is about giving. What better way is there to give back to the world?

You may want to raise money for charities but are stuck for ways on how to go about it. You and your friends or colleagues can do so many different things to help and make a difference during this important time. Here are a few ways that you can get involved this year:

Have a cake sale! – Whether it be a coffee morning or just a regular cake sale in your work, they always go down a real treat. You don’t even have to bake, you can buy some cakes and it’s still just as effective.

Do a sponsored walk or run – Not only will you raise money but you will also help with your general wellbeing because exercise can aid with both mental and physical health.

Participate in raffles – Raffles are a cheap and fun way to raise money and can get people of all ages involved, depending on what the prizes are. Lots of Christmas fairs at schools have raffles and are huge hits with both adults and children alike.

Do something crazy! – This is obviously for the less faint of heart but being sponsored to do an adrenaline filled activity, or facing a fear, like sky diving, is a perfect way of raising money that you could do alone or with friends.

Now those were just a few examples, however, there are plenty of ways that you could donate to us or any charity. The impact of your fundraising is incomprehensible beyond what you probably think and so, through donating, you are certainly improving so many people’s Christmas

Here at Prevent Breast Cancer, we understand the importance of your donations and any small amount is greatly appreciated it as we can fund our project and research to try and improve people’s lives for the better and improve the quality of life. So please consider donating to us this Christmas and funding the future of Breast Cancer treatment –