Prevent Breast Cancer invites you to apply for a research grant

We are committed to funding research into breast cancer prevention strategies, as we believe that prevention is an achievable goal for the next generation. We are happy to receive applications from research workers in the UK who require funding for research relating to breast cancer prediction, prevention and early diagnosis. Applications must fit into one or more of the following areas of research:

  • Gene Research
  • Early Detection and Screening
  • Preventative Drugs
  • Diet and Lifestyle

Prevent Breast Cancer is a non-commercial partner of the NIHR.

Applicants are required to complete a Prevent Breast Cancer Grant Application Form (either the word doc or the form at the bottom of this page). Please see “Related Documents” on the right to download the form along with the Terms and Conditions of Grants.

Deadlines for applications is the 1st December. We aim to update you on the decision of the Trustees within 6 months.

The next deadline for applications will be on 1st December 2018. Grants submitted ahead of this deadline will be considered in April/May 2019.

Our grants process in more detail:


  • Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will be sent the application to assess the scientific value and suitability for funding. Applications which do not address our criteria of prediction, prevention or early detection will not be considered and the SAB will make a decision regarding eligibility of each application.
  • We have adopted a rigorous system to review applications. Once received, each application is reviewed internally by the Scientific Advisory Board, if deemed suitable the application is then sent to two external reviewers who are independent to Prevent Breast Cancer and the host institution. Each reviewer will complete a review form and give a final summary score. A project has to be achievable and the reviewer has to quantify why a project is recommended.
  • The reviews are then presented to the Board of Trustees who will then make a decision. If the Chair or any other SAB member has a conflict of interest on a particular application, they will not be involved with the discussion and the decision-making process.
  • Funding requests for consumables or equipment under £10,000, or which contribute to an existing research study and have already been peer reviewed by the main funder, will not be sent for further review. A decision about whether to fund these requests will be made by the Board of Trustees.
  • Our Scientific Advisory Board is Chaired by Clinician Scientist In Surgical Oncology and Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Cliona Kirwan with support from Consultant Onco-plastic Breast Surgeon, James Harvey. For more information about our team click here.

Please note, we do not fund research involving animals. 

Grant Application Form

  • Please indicate what research pillar heading your project falls under.
  • (200 words max) - Please outline details of your research, which clearly outlines to a non-scientific audience the background, methods and purpose of your project.
  • (200 words max) – This information will be used to describe your research to relevant stakeholders. It may also be used for fundraising purposes. Please make sure you clearly demonstrate how your project fits with our research strategy.
  • (300 words max) – please include background, aims & methodology)
  • Please explain the role of PPI in all stages of the research project from early design to dissemination
  • Impact of this Research – why is this research important in terms of improving the health of the public and / or patients
  • (1200 words max) – however for funding requests over £10,000, applicants may submit additional details (up to 5 pages, Calibri 11 font) alongside this application. This can include for examples, pilot data and further details on your research methodology.Please outline below:- Background of the ProjectAims and purpose of the proposed investigation – Need for the projectPlan of investigation and methodology (include sample size and statistical analysis) Timescale of investigation and milestonesPotential problems / challenges
  • Please describe how this project and any preliminary data integrates into the ongoing work of the main applicant
  • Name of IndividualYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total 
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  • Material DescriptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total 
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  • Please provide a brief justification of the costs applied for.
  • 1. Has/ is this application been submitted to any other funding bodies? If “Yes”, please state the name of the organisation/s and the outcome.2. Have any other organisation/s committed to fund an aspect of this research project? If “Yes” please state the name of the organisation and what funding has been secured.
  • Is there a reason to consider the intellectual property of this research?
  • Please outline if the results of this research are likely to have commercial potential.
  • If this application is for further funding of a Genesis Grant, please provide details of what the previous grant funded.
  • Drop files here or