Year on year Prevent Breast Cancer is investing in new and ongoing research projects that bring us one step closer to a breast cancer free future for all.

Research projects are essential. By looking more closely at the various factors, we can learn more about who has an increased risk (PREDICTION) and provide at-risk individuals with the information and support they need to prevent developing this disease (PREVENTION).

Here are the current projects we are funding/part-funding:


Gene Research


Early Detection & Screening

  • PROCAS 2 – Can risk prediction work in a clinical setting?
  • FHTomo – The project aims to identify breast cancer in high risk women aged 40-49 at as early a stage as possible to ensure they receive an effective and tailored cancer treatment plan

Preventative Drugs

Diet & Lifestyle

  • Intermittent Diet Studies – The 2-Day Diet has been a global success and research has shown it can dramatically reduce one’s risk of developing breast cancer
  • PROCAS Lifestyle  Assessing if we can introduce lifestyle changes for women at high risk of developing breast cancer through an online and telephone support system
  • BRRIDE 2 – How does The 2-Day Diet affect body composition and reduce breast cancer risk.
  • BRRIDE 3 – Which women respond best to the 2-day diet and how can we identify them?

  • Gene Research

    Gene research is the study of DNA to find out what genes contribute to breast cancer. If we find out what causes breast cancer, we can better detect the disease, better treat the disease and hopefull...

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  • Breast Screening - Prevent Breast Cancer

    Early Detection & Screening

    Early detection and screening is essential to ensure that an individual’s cancer is detected as early as possible and they are therefore provided with the most effective and appropriate treatment. U...

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  • Preventative Drugs - Prevent Breast Cancer

    Preventative Drugs

    Preventative drugs are a key area of research for Prevent Breast Cancer. We recognise that there may be drugs currently used in the treatment of breast cancer that could be of benefit to those at incr...

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  • Diet - Prevent Breast Cancer

    Diet and Lifestyle

    At Prevent Breast Cancer, we fund Dr. Michelle Harvie, the UK’s first dietitian looking at the link between diet, lifestyle and breast cancer. Our researchers have developed a novel effective 2 day ...

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