Our research now shows that breast cancer is not random and that women who develop the disease are genetically predisposed. This combined with their lifestyle, environmental and hormonal factors can trigger breast cancer.


Before we can PREVENT breast cancer we need to PREDICT which women are genetically predisposed and are more likely to develop the disease in the future unless someone intervenes. By predicting and targeting these high risk women, the main focus can be to prevent them from developing breast cancer.

Current studies Prevent Breast Cancer is funding (or part-funding) into PREDICTION are:

  • Predicting the Risk of Cancer at Screening (PROCAS 2)
  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs 2)


Once we know which women are at a high risk of breast cancer, we can offer a number of strategies to reduce risk or even prevent the disease.

These strategies include: –

  • Regular screening for which we require improved technologies (over conventional mammography and MR scanning).
  • Lowering of lifestyle risk by interventions that are acceptable and effective; such as dietary, exercise and hormone based interventions.
  • “Switching off” genetic factors – through research into drugs, vaccines and antibodies, which interfere with biological pathways.

Current studies Prevent Breast Cancer is funding or part-funding into PREVENTION are:

  • Family History Tomosynthesis (FHTomo) – Screening
  • A number of Diet and Lifestyle Studies under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Harvie

In many ways we are at a unique moment in history as a result of 21st century genetic technological advances, which have opened the door to understanding how breast cancer might be PREDICTED AND PREVENTED.

Our overall purpose is to be able to predict within a group of 9 women which of them are the 1 or 2 who are most likely to develop breast cancer in the future and to intervene so their risk is decreased.

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