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Our BooBee Bus is hitting the streets of Manchester this November.

Here at Prevent Breast Cancer, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that our BooBee bus is back! Our original bright pink BooBee Bus was part of our previous 2019 campaign, BreastFest, and now it’s back in all its pink glory for BooBee’s Big Campaign 2022, to spread the importance of being breast cancer aware.

Taking to the streets of Manchester from November 7th, the bus will tour areas of Manchester with the lowest uptake of breast screening. Worryingly, Manchester has consistently fallen below the national average for screening uptake, with only 53.2% of Mancunians getting their breasts checked in 2021, compared to the national average of 64.2%.*

By visiting areas with the lowest uptake of screening, the aim is to promote the vital importance of breast screening, including who should attend and explain what actually happens during a screening. Spreading awareness of self-examination to all ages will also be a key message.

The BUZZ is back in Manchester!

As part of BooBee’s Big Campaign 2022, we have successfully appointed 100 BooBee Ambassadors. These are 100 women who have been affected by breast cancer, and they’re joining together to fundraise and spread awareness for a future free from breast cancer. A number of these super special women will be joining us on the bus tour to share their experiences with the general public.

The BooBees taking part in the bus tour will also be accompanied by the team at Answer Cancer, Greater Manchester’s screening engagement programme, who will be on hand to answer any questions around breast screening.

Why the need for a bus?

Every year, 420 women in Manchester sadly die from breast cancer, and research has found that there is a strong link between deprivation and increased incidence of cancer. According to a study, in Manchester, 60% of these breast cancer patients are from the most deprived groups **.

Lester Barr MBE, our charity founder and chairman is thrilled to see the return of the bus:

“We are dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of attending breast screenings across Greater Manchester. There are a multitude of reasons that women don’t attend their screening invitation, and we’re committed to addressing the issue by learning more and communicating effectively with women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds.

We aim to proactively share information with different cultural and ethnic groups within different communities, whilst encouraging everyone to attend their screening invite and not only just check their breasts, but be aware of all the signs and symptoms, so that we are empowering each woman to know what’s normal for them, and cancer can be diagnosed as early as possible.”

Our headline sponsor of the BooBee campaign is Manchester Airport operator MAG, supporting the fit out of the BooBee bus for its journey around the city, and promoting the project to the many thousands of people working at and travelling through the airport.

Tina Edwards, People Director at Manchester Airport, said:

“We are proud to be supporting this crucial campaign, highlighting an issue that we know is close to the hearts of many of our colleagues and customers. Breast screening is vitally important, and we want to encourage people across the region to get themselves checked”.

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Where will the bus be heading?

You’ll find the bus in the following locations, 10am-4pm*, and we’d love for you to join us.

Monday 7th November – Asda Eastlands

Tuesday 8th November – Asda Harpurhey

Wednesday 9th November – Wythenshawe Forum

Thursday 10th November – Oldham Tesco, Featherstall Road

Friday 11th November – Salford Gateway, The Broadwalk (Pendleton)

Saturday 12th November – Asda Harpurhey

Sunday 13th November – Cheetham Hill – Manchester Fort

Monday 14th November – Manchester Airport – Train & Bus Interchange (7am – 11am*)

 What next for our BooBees?

As well as joining us on the bus, our BooBees have been up to all sorts since this year’s campaign launched.  From selling knitted bees, to baring all for a calendar, they’ve been raring to go to fundraise for a future free from breast cancer.

It’s also not too late to join our BooBees for their flagship fundraising event – BooBee presents Bingo Bedlam – a high-octane evening of emotion, inspiration and FUN at Manchester Central on November 19th.


**The University of Manchester. Manchester: Cancer deaths higher in Greater Manchester compared to rest of UK. Manchester Health & Wellbeing board.

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