Wendy joins BooBee’s Big Campaign

‘I continue to live with my motto “all will be well”’

Our BooBee Ambassadors are 100 women who have been affected by breast cancer. They are joining together to fundraise and spread awareness for a future free from breast cancer. Our BooBees are raring to go and would love for you to join them for their flagship fundraising event – BooBee presents Bingo Bedlam – a high-octane evening of emotion, inspiration and FUN at Manchester Central on November 19th.

Wendy Jackson was diagnosed with ER+ breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 45. Nearly five years after her primary diagnosis, she was diagnosed with stage four, secondary breast cancer. Wendy now lives with treatable but not curable cancer. Despite her diagnosis, she lives with the motto that “all will be well”.

In 2019, Wendy signed up to our original BooBee campaign – BreastFest. We are delighted that Wendy has once again signed up as a BooBee Ambassador as part of our newest, vitally important drive – BooBee’s Big Campaign. Wendy is keen to continue the important work that was started in 2019.

Wendy has very kindly shared her breast cancer journey with us and explained why she has once again come on board as a BooBee in support of Prevent Breast Cancer.

Can you tell us a bit about your diagnosis?

I was diagnosed in 2015 at the age of 45 with ER+ breast cancer. I had the whole cancer experience in regard to treatment, including radical mastectomy, hormonal medication, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, with a few unexpected surprises thrown in.

I returned to work after 18 months to my previous role as a community mental health nurse. I continued to receive regular checks. However, for a while I was experiencing a pain in my collar bone. An ultrasound scan did not show any cause for concern.

Due to a persistent pain in my collar bone, I contacted my breast consultant for further investigation. Four years and eleven months after my primary diagnosis, I became a member of another elite club – stage four, secondary breast cancer.

Are you still undergoing treatment?

Yes – hormonal therapy, Denusunab injections and chemo tablets.

Can you tell us about your experience of being a BooBee?

I initially became a BooBee in 2019. The whole experience was amazing. I met so many new and inspirational friends. Memories were made that will never be forgotten.

What inspired you to take part in BooBee’s Big Campaign again this year?

To make others aware of the need to check your breasts.

To be part of a positive event that will raise funds and awareness, but also be fun!

To meet others in a similar situation.

Thanks to Wendy for sharing her journey to becoming a BooBee Ambassador with us today.

BooBee presents Bingo Bedlam

Tickets are on sale for the flagship fundraising event – BooBee presents Bingo Bedlam – an evening of bingo and entertainment with an ’80s twist! The night will also include a special catwalk by our BooBees. Show your support by inviting your friends and family and joining us for a party like no other, at an award-winning venue in the heart of Manchester.


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BooBee’s Big Campaign

As part of BooBee’s Big Campaign, our BooBees will be spreading awareness by taking to the streets of Manchester in November on a huge bright pink bus. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media to hear where we will be visiting. In the meantime, be sure to book your tickets for the flagship fundraising event – BooBee presents Bingo Bedlam.

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Would you like to share your story?

We’re always looking to speak to people who are interested in sharing their story and experience of breast cancer. It not only helps us spread awareness but can be helpful for others who are dealing with the disease. If this is a cause close to your heart and you would be comfortable sharing your journey with other supporters, and potentially the media, then please get in touch today by emailing info@preventbreastcancer.org.uk

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