It’s no surprise that the past couple of months have been incredibly challenging for PBC. For several weeks our charity income came to almost a complete stop (which has never happened before) and the long-term future of the charity was at risk. All our events have been cancelled and our plans for the next 12 months are still very much up in the air.


We have learnt a great deal and the beauty of fundraising is that we can be flexible and we can adapt to our environment. It’s given us an opportunity to be more creative and to test new ideas online. Several of these ideas have been/ or are being developed into campaigns, which we hope will continue to generate much needed funds and raise awareness of our important work. And by doing virtually all of our fundraising online – through our social channels and our website – we are able to reach a much bigger audience than ever before.

It is therefore imperative that we invest in these campaigns and the technology we require to deliver them successfully.

So how can businesses/ individuals get involved?

Invest in our new website

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Our current website was developed in 2013 and it has served us very well. However in the past 12 months it has become increasingly evident that it is out of date. It is overly complicated, tricky to navigate and difficult for the team to update.

In January we appointed a fantastic agency to design and implement a new website. We even had a couple of meetings and the plan was to launch in May. When the pandemic broke, we immediately halted the project as we couldn’t justify the cost. However, the only way we are able to raise funds at this moment in time and for the foreseeable future, is online and obviously one of our goals is to drive traffic to our website. Whilst we have been working hard to raise funds and we are achieving results, the issues with our existing website still remain and investing in a new website (and finishing the work we have already started) will benefit the charity for many years to come.

Total cost – £10,000 (sponsor’s logo would be incorporated into the website design e.g. in the footer on every page)

The PBC Summertime Gig

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Over the years we have built a network of incredibly talented supporters who work in the entertainment industry – musicians, singers, comedians and actors. We feel now is the time to organise a one-off very special event. Our aim is to pre-record an entertainment show (on a stage), sell tickets online and stream the event at a later date. But we are only able to do this if we can find a sponsor/ sponsors to cover the cost, which we envisage will be £3,000. These costs will cover the technical side of the production – an AV technician, a generator, stage and filming and editing the event – all delivered at a greatly reduced cost. The event will be promoted to our database of supporters and online across all our social channels and through boosted posts. The event sponsors will receive brand recognition on all adverts and marketing materials and throughout the event.

The 2-Day Diet Information Leaflets

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A key focus of the charity is to raise awareness of the different breast cancer risk factors, including the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. We fund Dr Michelle Harvie, a leading dietitian who wrote the bestselling “The 2-Day Diet” and accompanying Recipe Book. The diet is based on her many years of research into intermittent fasting and it is a product we continue to promote to our supporters. In fact one of the charity’s Ambassadors, Laura Quigley has incorporated the diet into her daily lifestyle and has set up The 2-Day Diet Club, which is growing in popularity on Facebook. As a result we are continuing to sell the original books, which were published in 2013/2014. Since that time Dr Harvie has continued her research and further information to support the diet is now available. We would therefore like to include a booklet/ leaflet with the sale of each book, so that we can publicise the most up to date information.

We are looking for £1,000 to cover the design and print of these leaflets and in return the sponsor’s logo will be incorporated.

Christmas Cards

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Every year we sell a range of Christmas Cards, which consistently raises approx. £20,000 per year. We are looking to commission a small range for 2020 and we are seeking a sponsor for each individual design.

We have 4 designs available and the cost to sponsor one design ranges from £400-£800. The sponsor’s logo will be included on the back of the chosen design.

Would your business like to get involved? For more information, please email

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