Ian Bold: 10km every day

Author: Ian Bold - July 15, 2021

Ian Bold: 10km every dayWhat started out as Ian’s personal new year’s resolution to keep fit, rapidly turned into a more serious athletic challenge and an opportunity to raise vital funds for Prevent Breast Cancer and Speed of Sight, two very worthy charities.


What challenge have you taken on?

My challenge has been to run 10km every day for the first 6 months (183 days) of 2021. This equates to 1,830km which is the exact distance by road from my home in Warrington to Barcelona, which is my favourite European City and a place that holds lots of outstanding memories for me.

What inspired you?

Keeping fit, healthy (and sane) during the toughest 12 months most people will ever experience. My close friend and fellow Director at Aqueous, Emma Guy, also inspired me. She is an Ambassador for Prevent Breast Cancer having had breast cancer herself. I’m delighted to support her and the charity which is very close to our business. The cause means a lot to me personally as a close family member is also a breast cancer survivor.

What does a breast cancer free future mean to you?

A brighter future for all those affected and those who may be affected in the future. Why wait for something to happen to somebody you love before doing what you can to help? I’m proud to support Prevent Breast Cancer and make a small difference now.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of fundraising for Prevent Breast Cancer?

If you are able, do what you can to help this wonderful charity. Every penny helps. In fact we’ve extended the challenge now to 200 consecutive days until 19th July, Freedom Day! By then we aim to raise £2,000 for my 2,000km. I’ve definitely not hung up my trainers yet, although I could do with another pair after running 2,000km! (Joking apart, I’ve got through 3 pairs during this challenge alone!)

How do you feel having raised so much?

I’m happy to have been able to help but now I want this to be £2,000. I celebrated my first day of rest after 183 daily runs with… a 10km run!

Ian has already raised over £1,500 towards our vital research. If you’d like to help him reach his £2,000 goal, please visit his giving page here.