Trusts and Foundations

Breast cancer is a devastating disease that affects too many people – the patients, their families, friends and colleagues. It is a disease that can often be cured if caught early and suitable treatments are prescribed. But what if there was no need for the cure? There was no diagnosis, no before or after breast cancer. What if people could live their lives safe in the knowledge that it would never happen to them.

Every year, in the UK, 53,000 individuals are diagnosed – 145 people a day. And every year, we lose 12,000 to this disease. That is 12,000 too many. In fact, it is 53,000 too many. If we could prevent breast cancer tomorrow, by 2026, over 530,000 would never receive a diagnosis.

The latest UN World Cancer Report (2014) states that treatment alone will not win the war on cancer: prevention is crucial. Charitable trusts and foundations can help us prevent breast cancer by funding our research studies into:-

  • Prediction – predicting which women are most susceptible to the disease.
  • Prevention – researching and developing preventative procedures (e.g. diet and lifestyle studies or preventive drug).
  • Early Detection – developing better and earlier detection methods to diagnose the disease earlier.

We want to develop relationships with trusts and foundations that are committed to helping us prevent breast cancer for future generations. We have achieved so much; yet there is much more to do.

If you would like to know more about the impact of our research, our vision for the future, or you would like a tour of our home, The Nightingale Centre, to meet some of our team of dedicated researchers then please contact Louise Cairns on 0161 291 4400 or