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Diet - Prevent Breast Cancer

At Prevent Breast Cancer, we fund Dr. Michelle Harvie, the UK’s first dietitian looking at the link between diet, lifestyle and breast cancer.

Our researchers have developed a novel effective 2 day diet for weight loss which involves 2 days of low carb, low calorie diet and 5 days of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Our clinical trials have found the 2 day diet is better than daily diets for weight loss and for lowering levels of the hormone insulin which promotes cancer.  Information about the 2 day diet and our research has been published in in the book “The 2-Day DietOur research suggests that women could achieve and maintain weight loss and therefore reductions in breast cancer risk simply by changing to this healthier diet and lifestyle plan

We are running several projects related to diet, lifestyle, and their influence in reducing breast cancer risk. These are:

  • Intermittent Diet (2 Day Diet) Research – How effective is the 2-day diet vs a daily calorie controlled diet for weight loss? What is the effect of the 2-day diet on genes within the breast cells of high risk women? Can the 2 day diet help to mobilise harmful fat stores in the liver and pancreas?
  • PROCAS Lifestyle Study – Can we engage women in the NHS breast screening programme with a web based diet and exercise weight loss programme ?
  • BRRIDE 2 – Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Intermittent Diet Evaluation – We will be looking at how best to reduce an individual’s fat stores in and around the liver as fats here are found to contribute to insulin resistance and therefore breast cancer risk.
  • BRRIDE 3 – Can we create a test to see who does and doesn’t respond to the 2-day diet? That’s what we aim to find out!

For more information on The 2-Day Diet go to or follow this link to try the book for yourself!