BooBee’s Big Campaign 2022

November saw the launch of BooBee’s Big Campaign 2022 – Prevent Breast Cancer’s latest drive to make Manchester the most breast aware city in the UK.

The charity successfully appointed 100 BooBee Ambassadors, affectionately known as BooBees, who joined together to spread awareness and fundraise for a future free from breast cancer.

The BooBee Bus Tour

BooBee’s Big Campaign saw the return of our bright pink BooBee bus, which first took to the streets of Manchester in 2019 as part of our initial BooBee campaign, BreastFest.

Over eight days, with the help of our BooBees and volunteers, the bus visited seven different sites across Manchester, with the lowest uptake of breast screening. These areas are also in some of the most deprived parts of the region. By visiting these particular areas, the aim was to promote the vital importance of breast screening, including who should attend and explain what actually happens during a screening. Spreading awareness of self-examination to all ages was also a key message. We also had the ladies from Answer Cancer (Greater Manchester’s screening engagement programme) join us for the tour, and they were invaluable in answering questions around breast screening.

Manchester has consistently fallen below the national average for screening uptake, with only 53.2% of Mancunians getting their breasts checked in 2021, compared to the national average of 64.2%.*

So many positives came from the tour, including encouraging a number of women to book a breast screening after previously ignoring their NHS invite. A few women also described having found a lump but hadn’t asked for advice and we’re advised by our team to contact their GP, which they found reassuring.

The bus was supplied by Manchester Airport Groups, who were our main sponsor, as well as being in charge of logistics. We honestly cannot thank them enough for making this breast awareness tour possible.

Thanks to everyone involved, we truly believe we have been able to make a difference.

BooBees, bingo and just a little bit of dancing…

Last Saturday then saw the flagship fundraising event of BooBee’s Big Campaign 2022 come to fruition, and boy, what a night it was.

From lingerie catwalks to absolute bonkers games of bingo, it was a night like no other. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. We’re sure many pairs of feet were hurting the next day…definitely a sign of a good night! There were moments of emotion as our BooBees took to the stage to share their stories, but this was juxtaposed with the pure joy of everybody letting loose and dancing like nobody was watching. Smiles were in abundance, and deep belly laughs were the order of the night.

We would like to thank our host, Leanne Campbell, as well as the fabulous Pete Pinnington and all his team from Pinnington Productions. A big shout out also to our patron, Victoria Ekanoye for performing, as well as Boy Gorgeous and Monica Ward, and not forgetting Tony aka Annie Handbag, our honorary BooBee!

Lastly, a huge thank you to our Patron, Margo Cornish, whom without, the night simply wouldn’t have happened.

The event was such a massive success, that there’s talk of a repeat, so watch this space.

The launch of the BooBee calendar

During the evening, we launched our BooBee calendar, comprising of 24 strong and beautiful breast cancer warriors, baring all.

If you didn’t get chance to buy one on the night, you can purchase from our online shop today.

Each month is a playful reminder to be breast aware, and £5.00 from each calendar will be donated to Prevent Breast Cancer.

What next?

We’re delighted to say many of our BooBees are determined to keep spreading awareness and fundraising for a future without breast cancer. We can’t wait to see what they have planned next, as we know many are wanting to organise their own fundraising events.

Each and every one of them embraced the whole movement and fully put their hearts and souls into it. It would have been nothing without them. Many of them have shared their breast cancer experiences through the medium of blogs, so make sure to have a read and learn more about why they came on board.

But for now, time to take a breather before the fun starts again for next year’s BooBee flagship campaign.

Nothing has been set in stone yet, but whatever happens, with the support of our BooBees, we know it’ll BEE BUZZING, and no doubt, ever so slightly bonkers! Bring it on!

* Microsoft Power BI

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