Our Executive Director Nikki Barraclough Answers Our Questions


Nikki and Sally Dynevor Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK


  1. Tell us a bit about your job at Prevent Breast Cancer.

I’m the executive director, which basically means I run the charity and help it to grow. There are many parallels with running a small/ medium-sized business; for example, my role is incredibly varied, from day-to-day operations, to leading the fundraising, marketing and finance teams and developing the business plans and strategy. I also report directly to our board of trustees and work very closely with our PR agency.


  1. What makes you so passionate about the charity and what inspired you to become part of the team?

Definitely the cause! How can I not be passionate?! Around 55,000 people in the UK are diagnosed each year and this figure is increasing – I’ve met so many incredible people since working for Prevent Breast Cancer, from families directly affected by the disease to the amazing scientists behind our research. I truly believe in our vision and what we’re trying to achieve – I just hope we can continue to grow and fund more research. I hope that one day the charity doesn’t need to exist, as we will have achieved our goal, but we’ve got a long way to go and that’s what continues to drive and inspire me.


  1. What’s your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy so many parts of my job as it can be extremely varied. I get the opportunity to build great, meaningful relationships with many of our supporters and volunteers and I feel very lucky that this is part of my job. I also really enjoy the strategic side of the business and although it can be stressful, it can be very rewarding as I’ve got a great team. I enjoy PR and raising awareness of our brand, as well as getting creative and involved with our fundraising events, which can be a lot of fun.


Nikki and Prevent Breast Cancer Team at event


  1. Has there been any particular highlight?

I couldn’t possibly choose one highlight, but I thoroughly enjoyed leading the charity’s rebrand from Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention – this was a major milestone for us and one that hopefully put us on the map alongside the bigger, more well-known charities.

I also love organising our annual fundraising balls – I can’t choose my favourite one as each year has been special for different reasons.

Other highlights include the London to Paris bike ride in 2016; seeing our logo on Roberts Bakery wholemeal bread as part of a fundraising campaign; pitching the charity to a large Corporate Trust and securing a significant donation; and seeing our name in national press…I still get excited every time!


  1. Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Morag Siller, who was a great friend and a patron of the charity. Sadly, Mo passed away from breast cancer in 2016, but her determination and feistiness drive me every day.

I was fortunate to hear businesswoman Martha Lane Fox speak at an event and she’s incredibly inspiring.


  1. If you weren’t in this job, what might you be doing?

When I was a teenager I would change my mind every few weeks! Jobs that interested me included fashion buying, event planning, war reporting and at one point I even wanted to be a criminologist!


  1. What do you like doing outside of work?

I love travelling, experiencing different cultures and cuisines. I also enjoy cycling, being active and going for long walks, spending time with my family and close friends. I also love the cinema. I’ve done a few film classes over the years and I really enjoy learning about new directors and discovering films and TV from all over the world.


  1. Who would be your five dream dinner party guests?

Can I have 6?! They’d have to be Brian Blessed, Graham Norton, Dame Judi Dench, Miriam Margolyes, Robert Downey Jnr and Donald Trump (he can’t be real! I would love to see my other guests question him!).


  1. What’s on the top of your bucket list?

To trek to Everest Base Camp, which I think I might be doing for Prevent Breast Cancer in November 2018! I also really want to go to Japan.


  1. What’s your claim to fame?

For one of our charity campaigns I painted one of Jerry Hall’s fingernails, as well as those of Ricky Hatton and several Manchester City players (which I didn’t want to do as I support Manchester United!). I’ve also exchanged emails with Benedict Cumberbatch, who donated his T-shirt from his performance in Hamlet in memory of Morag Siller.