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Communication Preferences Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK

Please let us know your Communication Preferences

From May 2018, new Data Protection Laws mean that we will only be able to contact you if you have chosen to hear from us and have informed us of this decision. In light of this, we would like to find out how, and if, you would like to hear from Prevent Breast Cancer. Until that time, we will be contacting all our supporters to find out if we have legitimate reason to contact them and will be gathering the relevant data in order to do so.

How do we contact our supporters?

  • We send an e-bulletin every 2 weeks and we will also occasionally email information specific to events you have shown an interest in.
  • We send information in the post 4-5 times a year which contains updates on fundraising, events, volunteers and the research we conduct. We also mail information specific to someone’s interests.
  • We will only ever phone you about specific events or news you have registered an interest in – never to push any fundraising or to ask for donations.

You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

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