The Nightingale Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital


Prevent Breast Cancer raised £2 million towards the building of The Nightingale Centre – Europe’s first purpose built breast cancer prevention centre.

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The charity is based at The Nightingale Centre and works closely with all the staff and researchers based at the building. For more information on our professors and their work, please see our research section.

The Building

Opened in July 2007, the building is situated on the University Hospital of South Manchester complex in Wythenshawe. It provides a base for one of the most ambitious breast cancer research programmes in Europe.

The Nightingale Centre offers a state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services to women and men with breast cancer and co-ordinates the NHS breast-screening programme for the Greater Manchester area.

There are specially designed consultation, examination, counselling, mammography, radiology and ultrasound rooms. There are also rooms dedicated to pathology, prosthesis, lymphodema and bone densitometry. As well as this, it provides training facilities aimed at addressing the shortage of breast cancer specialists and houses many of the Prevent Breast Cancer researchers looking at ways to predict and prevent breast cancer.

Support is also available to patients after surgery. Macmillan and University Hospital of South Manchester (UHSM) are working together to improve the information they give to patients during and after their breast cancer treatment at the Nightingale Centre. To find out more, please visit

The Nightingale Centre is light and airy, offering a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere for patients. It incorporates a glazed atrium entrance and waiting area with a beautiful stained glass window created by artist, Martin Donlin. This tranquil ambience features both inside and out, with planted areas of landscaping, two internal courtyards and a tranquillity garden for patients.

The building and its interior were designed after consultation with breast cancer patients and staff.

Room plaques are displayed around the building to thank those who sponsored rooms for £25,000+ and The Wall of Dedication in the atrium lists all supporters who donated £1000+ towards the building for Prevent Breast Cancer.

With the limited space left on our Wall of Dedication, thanks to the numerous donations we received, we now ask for a minimum donation of £10,000.

The Fundraising Team are also located in the building on the second floor.

Interesting Facts

  • When a woman in the Greater Manchester Area reaches screening age, she will receive a letter within 3 years inviting her to a mammogram on one of the 6 mobile screening vans.
  • Approximately 50,000 patients are screened each year from the Greater Manchester area.
  • Following the mammogram, if further investigations are required, the patient will be invited to The Nightingale Centre to see a consultant. This does not automatically mean that the patient has breast cancer; in fact the vast majority of cases prove not to be cancer.
  • 15,000 appointments are at the centre each year.
  • A team of dedicated breast care nurses are based at the centre, offering advice and support to patients diagnosed with breast cancer, offering advice and support.
  • There are presently 10,000 families in the family history clinic. It is the aim that for families affected by breast cancer the risk level is assessed of all individuals involved.

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