The 2-Day Diet

Breast Cancer Prevention Diet

We developed The 2-Day Diet, here at The Prevent Breast Cancer Research Unit. We have run a number of clinical trials of the 2 day diet since 2006, which have shown that two days per week of a low calorie and low carbohydrate diet (650 to 1000 calories on each diet day) can be more effective for weight loss and reducing levels of the hormone insulin than standard approach to dieting with a daily diet. Insulin is linked to risk of breast cancer and many other of our common diseases (diabetes, heart disease stroke and dementia) than the standard daily calorie controlled diet approach.

The 2-Day Diet is the original, clinically proven intermittent diet to get you slim and healthy. Unlike other 5:2 diets, there’s no calorie counting, fasting or skipping meals. To reach your perfect weight simply follow the low-carb plan for two days a week, then for the rest of the week eat normally but sensibly with the help of the healthy eating guidelines. The 2-Day Diet is easy to fit around the tastes and appetites of any non-dieters in your life, such as friends and family, and all author proceeds from The 2-Day Diet and The 2-Day Diet Cookbook will go to Prevent Breast Cancer Research.

Many of our 2 day dieters are able to follow the diet and fit it in with their busy lives. We have not shown any adverse effects with The 2 day diet. Read about one of our dieters who has written for our blog

Here from our dieters here –

To date, our research has found that The 2-Day Diet is a safe, viable, alternative approach to weight loss and maintaining a lower weight, compared to daily dieting. Click here for more Information about our Intermittent Diet research.

The 2-Day Diet and The 2-Day Diet Cookbook have been published by Vermillion, part of the Random House Group and are now available to buy.

The 2-Day Diet Books

The 2-Day Diet – The Quick and Easy Edition

In our new simplified edition by acclaimed scientists Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell at Prevent Breast Cancer have made it even easier to succeed on The 2-Day Diet. Expect to lose weight, twice as much fat and more centimetres around your waist than you would on a standard calorie-controlled diet. You can also benefit from the numerous other health benefits associated with this weight loss including: reduced cancer risks; lowered high blood pressure; and improved well-being, mood and energy levels.

The Original 2-Day Diet

Published in February 2013 the original book includes an overview of the health benefits of energy restriction and a clear plan of how to follow the diet, complete with food lists, meal planners and over 50 recipes.

The 2-Day Diet Cookbook

Published in April 2013, inside this cookbook you’ll find 65 delicious, healthy recipes for every day of the week, with ideas for both restricted and unrestricted days, along with tips, meal plans and a quick-reference guide to what to eat, The 2-Day Diet Cookbook shows you how to love food, lose weight and keep it off forever.

For more information about the diet and to order any of the books, visit or order from Amazon.