Fat Lad At The Back: What our corset jersey stands for

In February, sportswear brand Fat Lat at the Back revealed the jersey that has been created in partnership with Prevent Breast Cancer. We wanted a bold design that would stand out from the crowd – and that’s exactly what FLAB have created for us. The distinctive corset design is edgy and eye-catching, to draw attention to the work our charity, but also fits with FLAB’s body-positive, inclusive ethos. Of course, we recognise that it won’t appeal to everyone, but the design is borne out of extensive discussions with and feedback from breast cancer patients, supporters and charity stakeholders.

We decided to work with Fat Lad at the Back as we share a mutual passion for encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle, raising awareness of the benefits of physical activity and getting people excited about challenging themselves and overcoming obstacles. FLAB empowers those who may have felt excluded from taking part in sports because they may not have felt as if they fitted the mould of a typical cyclist – and they do it all with tongue-in-cheek humour. Our partnership will help us to raise funds for Prevent Breast Cancer, as 50 per cent of the profit from every jersey goes straight to the charity.

We know that there are so many people who avoid exercising because they simply feel too self-conscious, and struggle with their self-esteem. At both Prevent and FLAB, we want to encourage people to find a way to challenge themselves and, in turn, regain their confidence. The jersey has been designed for anyone who wants to wear it – not just those who have been affected by breast cancer, and not just women, either. We want women and men to feel as if they can take on the world.

The tongue-in-cheek design and messaging aims to grab attention, but not to trivialise breast cancer, a disease we aim to prevent for future generations. What’s not to love?