The #MagTeam100 Challenge attracted participants both internationally and across the UK. The Bucks Breast Unit in Buckinghamshire were one team who threw themselves headfirst into this challenge. Consultant Radiologist, Dr Chin Ng, having trained at The Nightingale Centre herself, rallied the team together. Read on to hear why raising money for Prevent Breast Cancer is so important to these clinicians.

What sporting activity have you chosen to take part in?

The Bucks Breast Unit at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is a team composed of many specialties including radiologists, surgeons, Macmillan Breast Care Nurses, radiographic assistants, and surgical care practitioners. 18 of the team have been walking, cycling, swimming, running, horse riding, and skipping (in all elements) as part of the #MagTeam100 challenge. Their aim was to cover 100 miles (160km) each in October to raise funds supporting vital breast cancer research.

Why is the charity important to you?

Prevent Breast Cancer is a UK charity familiar to Dr Chin Ng, Consultant Radiologist. She spent a short while at The Nightingale Centre in Manchester 8 years ago as part of her breast imaging fellowship. Dr Ng and her colleagues are all part of the team involved in the diagnosis, treatment and support of patients referred to the Bucks Breast Unit or through the NHS Breast Screening Programme each year.  When Dr Ng shared the news of the #MagTeam100 challenge, the team were only too keen to take up the challenge with her!

Why have you decided to take part in this challenge?

Each October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many cancer services, including breast cancer. The Bucks Breast Unit noted a reduction in 80% of referrals to the clinics at the peak of the pandemic. The NHS Breast Screening Service was also paused which has affected almost 1 million women. Now, more than ever, as we have returned to our pre-pandemic level of activity. It is important that we encourage women or men with symptoms to seek medical advice. It is also vital that units such as ours have been reconfigured. This is to ensure that we can see and treat our patients in a COVID-19 safe environment. We hope that by supporting the UK charity Prevent Breast Cancer, which promotes early diagnosis, screening and lifestyle changes, that we will continue to help and sustain their meaningful work and in turn support our patients.

Dr Ng – ‘Whilst running, I think of my patients and I feel lucky to be able to do it. The team have made a WhatsApp group where we post comments about our achievements and photos. We all support one another in our endeavours!’

Ellie Mundy, Macmillan Breast Care Nurses – ‘We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, and so we all have a reason to participate. This fundraiser has been a real boost to team morale and we have enjoyed supporting one another in our efforts to do what we can to ensure vital cancer funding continues, particularly in uncertain times.’

Dr Fiona Tsang-Wright, Consultant Breast Surgeon – ‘Through sunshine and rain, across Buckinghamshire and along the coast, with kids, dogs and partners in tow, the team at the Bucks Breast Unit has shown dedication to this challenge! They have raised much needed funds for breast cancer research, grown closer as a team and are also all fitter! We look forward to our next challenge!’

The team are proud of having risen to endomag’s 100-mile challenge and supporting Prevent Breast Cancer. To date, they have raised over £3000 and walked more than 1800 miles! Thank you to their supporters and good luck to those that have a few more miles to go!​

If you’d like to help The Bucks Breast Unit continue to exceed their fundraising goal, click here to donate.

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