Diet number 18,000 – Part Three

My love hate relationship with food has always been hanging around my neck, pulling me either towards the fridge, or paradoxically towards the gym, depending on my will power. My will power is quite clearly nil considering the fact I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in 2 years, but that is beside the point.

However, great news, as I am officially 3lbs lighter, the 2-Day diet and I are firm friends, and I am yet to completely sack off diet number 18,000. Clearly I haven’t been on 17,999 diets previously, but it sure feels like it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a diet on a Monday morning, and then by Wednesday evening I’m stuffing my face with pizza/cake/an entire tube of Pringles, justifying it because I’d successfully dieted for nearly three whole days. I did have a blip/weight gain, but more about that later.

Like Dr Michelle Harvie states in her book, exercise is the key to weight loss, and so I’ve eased myself back into exercise by power walking, and I even hopped on my cross-trainer. I’m also considering taking up running again. I am currently using the excuse that I don’t have anything suitable to wear that wouldn’t offend the general public as I charge through the streets with my womanly proportions in full gravitational pull . I don’t know how long this excuse will work on my boyfriend/running partner, who offers nothing but gentle reassurance and support, but we’ll see.

I have to wear three sports bras nowadays when I exercise, which brings about many a chortle let me tell you. I’ve even been known to wear a swimming costume to see if that provided extra support, which it didn’t, so please don’t bother. I once had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident on the way back from the gym after work, nothing serious, but a paramedic turned up none the less. So there I was on the side of the road, complaining of a sore neck and back, and before I knew it, there he was peering down my gym top. It was only then I realised I was wearing three bras, and had to explain I wasn’t some crazy three bra wearing lady usually. He said something about at least I was well protected, and then apologised straight away for potentially talking out of line when he realised what he had said regarding my weightier well supported mammaries. I was absolutely mortified, but let me tell you, my friends and family dined out on that one for weeks. It could only happen to me…three bras and a car crash.

I was lucky enough to be blessed with Irish heritage from both sides of my family, and my Irish granny on my Dad’s side didn’t mince her words. Each time I visited she asked me if I’d lost any weight. I think she was worried none of the good Catholic boys would want to marry me if I was the size of a double fronted bungalow. One time after a particular term at university, I was even greeted with her telling me that she didn’t like my newly cut fringe, and that I had a spare tyre.



The fringe. I cropped out the spare tyre.


Despite her thoughts on my extra weight, she loved me dearly and was a great feeder, and God did she feed. A particular favourite was corned beef sandwiches on thick white bread, spread with an inch thick of real butter. I however don’t like corned beef, nor do I like butter on sandwiches, but the glaring eyes from my own mother told me that I had to eat it if I knew what was good for me. Like the geese getting force fed for foie gras, there was I getting plumped up on food I didn’t even want, whilst my grandmother bathed in her feeding glory. I had no issue when it came to her never ending biscuit box of various chocolate surprises however, or the slices of Arctic roll and Viennetta that came my way. The things we do for family hey.

Talking of family, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Easter for me involved lots of food that I shouldn’t have been eating, and also lots of red wine, that I shouldn’t have been drinking ( apart from the first two glasses which can be surely be considered medicinal ). However, I got straight back onto The 2-Day Diet with ease after my blow-out, so the only damage that occurred really was to my bank balance, and I have now lost the weight that I put on.



Soup and Stir-fry



I have recently become obsessed with the cauliflower and leek soup recipe from The 2-Day Diet Quick and Easy book, it really is delicious and so easy to make, and so I really recommend it.  I just love comforting food, especially with this damp and dreary weather that continues to linger. I equate rainy days with food like pie and mash, swimming in gravy, or a big slice of cake with a steaming cup of tea. Saying that, I’d still eat both if the sun was shining and sweat was pouring from every orifice, but hey ho, whatever floats your boat.

On that note, I’m off to a working lunch. I’ve got my sensible head on today, and so I hope healthy options are available. I am determined not to be writing my next blog and having to confess that I ate the entire contents of the buffet, and am forever known as ‘that girl who ate all the buffet’.


Until next time.