Being in love and on a diet – Part Four

A funny thing happened this morning. I hadn’t weighed myself for a bit, so I thought I’d hop on the scales, and see how I was getting on. Anyway, it showed that I was over a stone lighter. I hadn’t yet had my morning coffee and thought my eyes were playing tricks, so I moved the scales, and tried again. Still I was over a stone lighter. Well, let me tell you, I was over the moon. I was thinking I must have just reached that period in my life, where the weight was just naturally falling off. The skinny girl inside of me was finally breaking out. Either that, or I had acquired some sort of tropical illness that I didn’t know about, and it was slowly dissolving my fat without my knowledge. So I picked up the scales, and turned them over to inspect them, and there it was, one of my mini hair curlers stuck to the undercarriage. I removed the offending article, and placed the scales back on the floor, and you guessed it, I put that stone back on faster than you can say ‘I love cream cakes’.  The stone loss was nice whilst it lasted, and it definitely taught me to be more careful where I leave my hair curlers. I am still 4lbs lighter, so I’m still going in the right direction at least.

However, I won’t lie to you; I’ve been so bad these past two weeks. I don’t know what’s wrong with me; I seem to be on self-destruct mode. If it’s been edible and not nailed down, I’ve ate it. So many people ask me how the blog’s going, and I’m like, oh yeah, really well…just apart from the whole losing weight part. Please however do not think that The 2-Day Diet doesn’t work, as it does, I am just a disaster/human garbage bin/piglet. I’ve been in contact with a lovely lady recently, and she has lost 4 stone following the diet, and she said she has a whole new lease of life, and can’t speak highly enough about how much she loves the new healthier version of herself.


A diet day breakfast. Delicious.

A typical diet day breakfast for me. Delicious.


So, reasons for my failure – well, where do I start?! My main reason, I am in a loving relationship. This is how this one works. I complain about my plumpness. My boyfriend (AC) tells me I am beautiful, and I am not fat. I believe AC wholeheartedly. We go out for dinner. I am so happy and in love, that I eat the entire menu. Birds are singing, rainbows are erm, rainbowing, and I just don’t care. Burgers/pies/a whole baked Camembert gets devoured, and I am bathed in love, with a hue of saturated fat about my person.  This is then repeated at various times throughout the week. AC also has a very healthy appetite. He is however extremely tall and doesn’t get fat, whereas I just sniff a slice of cake and I’ve put weight on. The other night for example, we went to M&S, and we were being ‘good’, so we bought three of the fuller for longer meals. He had two, and was still hungry, and I was licking my bowl, and telling myself I was full. We’re also a very international couple, by that I mean we’ve had a Chinese take away this week, went out for Spanish Tapas, and we had three Italian ready-meals for breakfast after a very drink sodden wedding! Gosh, I am a one woman eating machine, just hear me roarrrrr! If only I could exercise with as much gusto as I can eat!


AC and I in Rome early last year.

AC and I in Rome early last year.


These are just rubbish excuses though, as I know you can still make good choices when you go out for dinner. I just have a glass of red wine and then want to eat the world. My brother’s wedding is getting very close though, so I am increasing my exercise as a matter of urgency. AC is so unbelievably supportive though, and says he’ll come exercise with me, but I always seem to find some sort of TV programme that I just have to watch. I am obsessed with First Dates at the moment; food and searching for love…my kind of programme.

Next time you read this however, I am going to be a changed woman. I have already pencilled in a run with my friend on Monday, and I am going to make good choices food wise. Perhaps I sound like a broken record, but it’s so hard when you are so controlled by food; I’m even considering getting hypnotised.

I got two new bras on Friday, as my upper womanly portions are still entering a room two minutes before I do because they’re so gigantic, so I need to up my game!

Until next time.