Trouble in France when not on a diet – Part Deux

Just wanted to start today’s blog with a massive thank you for the wonderful comments I received after the publication of my first piece. It was so nice to be met with such positivity and warmth.

I write this part of today’s blog with the smell of fresh sandwiches combined with chocolate wafting through the office (Lindt chocolate if you’re interested. I have both studied the wrapper and took great whiffs close up. I have also been staring intently at my colleagues as they eat). As you can probably tell I am on a diet day today, and quite honestly I’m not hungry, but the fact I’m not allowed to eat certain things has made me want to eat everything in sight. I’m so used to just eating everything that it’s hard to break the cycle, especially when it comes to free food, as who doesn’t love free food?! I am drinking sparkling water like a crazy lady whilst telling myself that I’ve had my lunch, and I don’t need more food even though the sandwiches are talking to me.

“Laurrraaaaaaaa…..Laurrraaaa….just a little nibble…”

No sandwiches, NO. I am in control, and you and your creamy mayonnaise wonderfulness can do one.

And yes, I have just realised that I am having an imaginary conversation with a selection of bread products, and yes, I clearly am a lunatic (but at least I’m not a hungry one).

So my first couple of weeks have been mainly positive and preparation I have found is the key in succeeding. Each night I have made sure to make my lunch for the next day, as well as weighing out my snacks. I have also planned ahead; as for example, I knew I was out all this weekend (more of this later), so I made cauliflower soup for lunch on Monday for one of my diet days and froze it. So not only am I hopefully losing some lard, I am also finding my inner domestic goddess. I’ve tried out a few recipes from the books, and can recommend the Horiatiki salata and baked chicken with rosemary up to now as my favourites. I honestly haven’t been hungry, and I can’t actually believe how much food you’re allowed. Even on the diet day, I felt as though I had more than enough to eat. The hardest part has been as mentioned above, breaking the cycle of just eating whatever I want, when I want. I need to re-train my brain to recognise hunger, and not over eat like I always have.

So this last weekend, hmm. I think it can be described as a semi disaster, a chip/alcohol saturated disaster. I could have made worse decisions, but I didn’t make the best. I had some good news on Friday which was a cause for celebration, and I was swept along in a whirl of celebratory drinks (naturally they were forced down my neck), and then a slightly inebriated M&S Food shop occurred. This involved throwing stuff in my basket like some mad woman on Supermarket Sweep. All I needed was Dale Winton to pop his head around the corner, and the scene would have been set. I did buy celery and low fat houmous…we’ll just ignore the fresh white crusty bread, ready-made meal, spring rolls and continental meat selection. I also went out for lunch on Saturday, and both brunch AND lunch on Sunday as I double booked myself.

I think to lose weight; I must therefore start losing friends. It seems to be the only option! I will give up my friends, and become a hermit. So if you don’t hear from me, I’ll be off somewhere getting thin, maybe in a cave, on a hill, eating grass.

And so, the news I have been dreading to say. I haven’t lost any weight. Turns out I can’t have my cake/chips/continental meat selection and eat it. My colleague Tom has been very positive and suggested maybe I had lost fat, but it had been replaced with muscle, which is heavier, because I’ve done a little exercise, and have been eating a high protein diet. Well no Tom, as Shakira once so eloquently put it, the hips don’t lie. However, on a positive note I feel so much healthier, and my skin seems clearer from all the water I’m drinking. The diet has also taught me about portion control, as a handful of nuts for example should only be 15g. I don’t know whose handfuls are only 15g, apart from say a 2 year olds, but if that’s what it says, that’s what I’ll do. Maybe I just have big hands, or maybe I’m just greedy?! Either way, I’m excited to see what the next few weeks hold, and to try out some new recipes at the same time. I have also realised that apart from my weekend of sabotage, I have also failed at regular exercise, so my plan is to move more from now on.

I thought I’d finish today’s blog with two funny incidents that happened when I lived in France, hoping that this will distract you from my obvious weight loss failure.

As explained in my first blog, I was carrying an awful lot of excess timber. One day I was minding my own business walking down the street, when a man sat outside a café shouted at me in French that I needed to go on a diet. I was so angry and embarrassed that I just ran (waddled) off. I met my friend, and we decided to go back to where he was, and shout at him in French (obviously once we’d practised what we were going to say), but he’d gone. I remember crying on the phone to my mum, but I honestly still didn’t think I was that fat, plus I was having too much fun to really care. It’s only now I look back and realise what a blob I was, dressed as a six man tent that had been caught in the wind.

Another time, I was on the night bus, and some young garçons picked up on the fact that I was English, and they started shouting random phrases at me. The best was when they told me that I looked like the moon. There was me at the time, thinking awww, how romantic. It was only later that I realised that they were calling me a big fat white circle.

So not only did they also think I needed to go on a diet, they also thought I resembled one of the largest natural satellites in the Solar System.

Before I go, I thought I better mention the news this week of a sugar tax being introduced on sugary drinks. Here at Genesis, we very much welcome this tax. Our founder and Chairman Lester Barr after hearing this news stated that there are several reasons why breast cancer continues to rise. One of them is excess calories and excess weight gain in the typical Western diet. So reducing sugary drinks should help to lower breast cancer risk, especially among the younger generation.

On that note, I’m off to go eat. Naturally it will high in protein, and low in sugar!

Until next time.

When I resembled the moon.

When I resembled the moon.