A diet, but not as you know it – Part 8


Many moons ago when I was finally slim and healthy, I swore to myself that I’d never go back to old miserable fat me. Exercise was just as natural as breathing, for every day I couldn’t wait to get out to walk the dog, or run on the treadmill to the latest tunes. I couldn’t imagine looking down at my ever increasing bellies and wondering what the hell I was playing at, or not loving that feeling of getting back from a run and feeling so empowered and invigorated. Then I packed in my job with the onsite gym, and ran off to Rome. Rome then passed in a pizza-gelato-prosecco coma, and before you can say la dolce vita, I’m back in Manchester with a looming wedding on the horizon and a hip girth that is increasing on a daily basis thanks to a diet of saturated fat with a side of self-loathing.

Anyway, so I’ve had a good summer….according to the scales. Have you all missed me and my self-deprecating manner? Ha-ha. I’m not actually too bad, but the scales have gone in the wrong direction since I last updated my blog. I finally made it into the 11 stone something mark after losing over a stone since Christmas, but my summer of gluttony has added 4lbs to my frame. Which, in all fairness isn’t too bad considering that I once went to Ibiza on an all-inclusive and put on half a stone in a week, which I’m sure was just 7lbs of Bacardi and Coke bloat.  So my summer. Well, I’ve had my engagement, two hen dos, a wedding, my birthday, and about five Sundays of eating the world as ‘I was definitely starting my diet in the morning as I don’t want to be that bride that worries about her chins in her wedding day photos’. And yes, I am worried about my chins on my wedding day. What can I say; my weight goes straight to my face. You may remember in a previous blog about the incident in France when I got told I had a face like the moon…

We think we’ve potentially found our dream wedding venue, and we’re going with our parents in two weeks time before we most probably book it. I think the wedding fear will definitely creep in then, and it’ll all feel real. I’m definitely not trying on dresses until the New Year though after a few months of looking after myself.

I started writing this blog earlier on in the week, and since then I went for my very first run in forever. It was only for twenty minutes, but I didn’t stop once, and I felt really proud of myself. My other half came with me, and even though he could have sprinted off, he stayed with me the whole way as I struggled with my leggings falling down and my hair bobble notwithstanding the velocity of my head movements as I gasped for breath and simultaneously needed to blow my nose. The good news is that after it all, he still wants to marry me, and was only slightly weirded out that I run wearing three bras. He didn’t even seem to notice my sweaty red face or the fact that it took me a good half an hour and two puffs on my inhaler before I could breathe normally. That’s real love right there for you.

So, as I basically sacked off The 2-Day Diet for a summer of indulgence, motivation is the key. At one point in the summer; I had cake for seven days in a row. Yup, seven days.


The 2-Day Diet

My brother’s wedding, and day one of cake eating.


As I type, I have The 2-Day Cookbook open in front of me, and all the recipes honestly sound delicious. This coming week, I’m going to try out the piri piri turkey and green pepper skewers and some open spiced turkey burgers, and also a saffron fish soup. I just haven’t bothered with big food shops recently, and have just been buying what I fancy each night, which has included Chinese takeaways and M&S ready-mades. Whoops.

With me, it’s all about planning, because if I know I have something tasty and low fat to eat in the evening to look forward to, it makes it less likely that I’ll sabotage my diet during the day. I’ve actually turned down two types of cake these past two days whilst at work, so my diet halo is currently sitting straight and shining brightly.

Now to just join a gym which I’ve been meaning to do since January…

Until next time.