To diet or not to diet – Part 7


So, I’ve put weight on, and I can tell you exactly where I’ve put it…on my left hand, on my wedding finger, for I am engaged to be married. Just writing those words makes me want to scream with happiness. I am no longer the Bridget Jones of South Manchester, for I am to be a wife, with an actual real life husband who wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and my Dad hasn’t even had to pay him off. Result.

It was lovely though. He did the whole getting down on one knee in a park, which obviously resulted in me swearing at him. It was only after that we realised there was a homeless man lying right next to us, who had witnessed the whole swearing/crying scenario. Either way it was beautiful, and I couldn’t be happier.

The only downside has been the celebrating, and boy did we celebrate/continue to do so. After he asked me the all-important question, I was whisked off to a surprise party in the pub where we first met, but this time I wasn’t dressed as a reindeer and living in Rome, and he didn’t have his elf Christmas jumper on and could stand straight. The alcohol was certainly flowing once again, but on a positive, I was that swept along, that I bypassed the buffet and the engagement cake. You may remember in my last blog that I spoke about going for a posh Italian; well this was the evening, so I was full of red wine and espresso martinis as it was.



engagement cake

Our lovely cake


So, the crucial question, how is my 2-Day diet going two weeks into being engaged.


I won’t lie, a bit rubbish, but, and it’s a big but, I haven’t put any weight on! I’ve been trying to think about what I’ve been eating these two weeks, and it hasn’t been pretty.


One Italian meal, a Domino’s, a Thai takeaway, 3 work buffets (2 sandwich and 1 canape based), a Lebanese and Syrian banquet, and oh, a fish finger sandwich and chips before I went to the theatre. I’ve also been suffering with a horrid head cold, resulting in Marks and Sparks readymades galore and mercy dashes to McDonalds for chocolate milkshakes to soothe my throat. However, as I’ve been good on the other days, and stuck to my diet, I’ve not put any weight on.


I always thought that when I got engaged, I’d only eat salad and drink water, and jog on the spot as I watched the soaps, but no, I’ve just been drinking like a fish and eating everything not nailed down. However, my lovely mother in law has been buying me wedding magazines, and I seem to have developed an addiction to American reality shows about wedding dresses, and so the wedding dress fear/excitement has set in. I need to lose another 2 stone to be a healthy weight on top of the 1 stone I’ve lost so far this year, but I’m feeling confident that I can do it. I’ve see so many beautiful dresses, but I don’t think my womanly portions would look as pleasant as those in the magazines. AC and I are also joining the gym. I would also love Botox, but my family would never talk to me ever again.



me in san carlo

Dinner just before he popped the question!


So, this coming week, I’m going to be a 2-Day Diet queen, well, after the Chinese take away this eve with pals that are coming over to toast our engagement. What can I say, I’m a popular gal. My brother’s wedding is also in four weeks, and I have two hen dos before this, so I have to eat well. I can’t put into words how much The 2-Day Diet has changed my eating habits. Yes, I know I don’t stick to it constantly, but when I do, I feel so good, inside and out. Next time, I’m hoping for a good weight loss and a continued positive outlook on life.


Life is good.


Until next time.