The Original 5:2 Diet – Part 6

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my musings on the 2-Day Diet. I’ve decided to take a different slant this week, and by that I mean I’m going to try and be more positive. My last blog had a few comments about how I sounded really sad and how it was a more serious post than normal. The weird thing is that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I don’t think I’ve actually ever been this content. Apart from I’ve just bought myself a brand new car, and I hate driving. So much so that I hadn’t driven for two years until the other week. And so if you see a grey mini stalled across two lanes, with both the windscreen wipers and hazard lights all guns blazing, well that then would be me. I have previous you see. So apart from introducing myself once again to the world of driving, I’m extremely happy. Apart from Monday when a random man had to drive my car out of the work car park as I got stuck.

Moving swiftly on.

So, positivity.

The 2-Day Diet is helping with this massively. I feel so much healthier now that I’ve sorted out my diet, and I’m no longer craving junk food, and on the whole, making good decisions food wise is just the norm. I just don’t want to eat the bad stuff. I haven’t even touched alcohol for two weeks, which might not seem that long, but for me, I think I deserve some sort of non-wine drinking medal. I am however going out to dinner tomorrow, and I’ve already told my other half AC that I’d like a liquid starter and dessert, namely red wine and an espresso martini. My main course will be my only solid course, and I’m very happy with this unsophisticated decision.

AC is being as supportive as ever, which this week included eating a massive bar of chocolate in the kitchen whilst I was in the other room. I did the whole thing of buying him the chocolate as a present, but really I was buying it for my hormonal myself. However, he ended up eating the entire SHARING bar to himself without me even having a sniff. I only wanted one square to take the edge off a hard day of driving (I did at least 1 hour over two journeys – progress). I made sure he knew I was a little miffed. He said he was thinking about me the whole time he was eating it by stopping me indulging in something I would then regret and then complain about. I said that you should always offer a hormonal woman chocolate, it’s the law, and had to settle for a cup of tea instead. He was right though, I didn’t need the chocolate, but don’t tell him that.


andy and 1 - blog

Me smiling…when he’s not eating my chocolate.


Anyway, back to being positive. I don’t go around hating my figure on a daily basis anymore, and I’m so grateful this body that I was given works to its full capacity, and lets me live a fulfilling life. I’m not saying I’m completely confident nowadays and I’d strip off and go jump in a swimming pool, but I’d think about it. I haven’t been this light in over 2 years, and I’m excited to see what happens as I carry on looking after myself, both in body and mind. I’m also fed up of hearing myself complaining, which isn’t an attractive feature.

The 2-Day Diet has taught me balance, and a new found respect for food. When I was at my slimmest years ago, foods like rice and potatoes were seen as the enemy, and I had them as a ‘treat’, which is ridiculous. The 2-Day Diet teaches you that we need these vital food groups as part of a healthy and balanced diet. For someone that was once 15 stone, making your peace with food is a very big deal.

Who knew bulgur wheat and sweet potatoes could bring such happiness?

Right, think I’ve waffled on enough for today, but I’ll leave you with a funny story.

A number of years ago, I was on an after work run with a couple of other people, and got verbally abused by a bunch of hooligans sipping cheap cider outside the local library. I won’t divulge what one shouted, but it involved my upper womanly proportions and what he wanted to do with them. I was wearing my usual three sports bras at the time, so I was quite perplexed at his comment as they were massively strapped down. I still wonder what he would have shouted if I only had the one bra on and they were allowed to swing freely. Anyway, I was also terribly annoyed as I was on Weight Watchers at the time, and I’d lost a stone and a half at this point. I remember running past shouting at the top of my voice that I was on Weight Watchers and how dare he shout such vulgarity towards my person. In the past, people used to call me Bridget Jones, and I can really see why. Only I could get verbally abused on a run whilst wearing three sports bras. I remember my friend Sarah was bent over with the laughter, so at least it made her day. But hey ho, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, three bras an’ all.

Until next time.