Rhino blood and dieting – Part 5

As a rule, I don’t swim. I’m actually a very good swimmer, but since my weight struggles, I don’t do water in public. The thought of being in a costume is completely anathema to me once again in all honesty. There’s no way I’d go for a public dip, more like chunky dunk. A few years ago however, after I was on my heartbreak diet, I flew off to Ibiza with a couple of pals. I’d never been on a holiday before where I actually felt body confident, but there was no stopping me. I felt so liberated swimming in the cooling azure sea, so much so that I was even going to get a tattoo that said ‘Liberation 2011’. Suffice to say, once I’d come home and sobered up, said tattoo didn’t happen.

Fast forward 5 years, and hmm, about 17lbs heavier, the water fear has set back in. I did however fly off to Tunisia a couple of summers ago when living in Italy, and I came up with a cunning plan. The cellulite on the back of my legs in my mind is horrific, it’s like I have rhino buttocks. Realistically, I know no one cares/views it as critically, but still, I hate it, but not enough to give up caffeine and alcohol so it seems! I read that scientists think it may be hereditary, but my mother has none, so I must have rhino blood along the lines somewhere. Anyway, I digress. So my plan. What I do is carefully strip down to my swimming gear, and then I sit in the sand and so it sticks to my backside…and then ta dah, I get up and walk to the sea with all my cellulite covered! Obviously this doesn’t work when at a swimming pool; instead I sit myself right next to the pool, and jump in faster than you can say Free Willy.


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Two sides to every story..

Talking of water dwelling mammals, I was once called a ‘beached whale’ on social media. They didn’t know I’d read it at the time, but I did, and it really hurt. Fat shaming is a big thing in the media at the moment, and it really makes my blood boil. Sometimes people can’t see past the blubber, which is a real shame. It seems you can’t be both bigger and intelligent, or both bigger and pretty, or that you shouldn’t wear nice clothes, or show too much skin if your dress size is deemed too ‘large’. A female celebrity dares to wear something she feels beautiful in, and she’s torn to shreds by keyboard warriors commenting on lumps and bumps, or it not being age appropriate. Sadly, society seems to be more about bringing someone down, rather than complimenting, which is an unfortunate state of affairs.  Statistics show that 1.6 million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder, and health care costs for eating disorders in England have been estimated as £80-100 million with overall economic cost likely to be more than £1.26 billion per year. These facts are absolutely horrific, and many state social media has a lot to answer for,  

Anyway, back to me and the fabulous 2-Day Diet. This morning my colleague Jane commented on my weight loss, and I was over the moon. She said I must have lost at least a stone for her to notice, but alas, I had to reply with a big fat no. However, I suppose I was 13 stone at the start of the year, and I am nearer 12 stone now, so it’s definitely going in the right direction. Plus I was wearing black skinny jeans, which provide a slimming silhouette. Cindy Crawford eat your heart out.


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If it swims…it slims!


You may have seen in the news this week about the research findings revealed at the World Cancer Conference in Chicago with regards to breast cancer prevention studies. A team of researchers from Italy for example presented their findings from a small study into the effects of a Mediterranean diet on breast cancer recurrence. Another study is a large upcoming trial by Harvard Medical School into the effects of diet and lifestyle on breast cancer, with the researchers predicting that even small amounts of weight loss and moderate exercise can improve survival rates by more than 20 per cent. You can read a summary of the conference with regards to breast cancer prevention here, along with the thoughts of our own expert dietician Dr Michelle Harvie.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. We were meant to be having a BBQ, but the weather forecast seems to be putting a dampener on that, so a lasagne has been mentioned. Clearly this is a Mediterranean dish, but not the most healthiest of choices, but I honestly feel it’s all about compromise as a little of what you fancy does you good. Have a small portion, and then fill yourself up on salad. I’ll just try not to make the mistake of filling myself up on red wine like I did the other weekend!

Until next time.