Skarlette: Lingerie for flat women

Author: Jess Batten - Communications Officer - March 17, 2022


What does ‘flat women’ mean?

After breast cancer surgery, also known as a mastectomy, there is a choice to have either a breast reconstruction, or to go without and remain flat.

It’s a personal choice. For those that decide to remain flat, some opt to use a prosthesis, and others prefer without – the decision is often referred to as ‘living flat’ or ‘going flat’.



Introducing Skarlette® Limited

ScarletteSkarlette® Limited is new lingerie line designed by flat women for flat women.

The design has post-surgery women in mind – delicate stretchy lace, no pulling over the head, carefully placed seams, and comfortable little straps that are soft on the shoulders. Instead of a traditional cup with pockets and darts, the design has a flat triangle and soft, wide under-band for additional comfort.

Style is just as important as substance to Skarlette®. The unpretty truth is that breast cancer surgery and radiation treatment can leave you with numb scars, excess skin and sore ribs. However, Skarlette® is tackling the issue head on, developing a beautiful and affordable solution which aims to make women feel strong, sexy, and proud of their scars.

Each Skarlette® has a matching pair of pretty knickers. We think you’ll agree that it will be hard not to feel fabulous in these gorgeous designs!

Better yet, once Skarlette® is established and profitable, a proportion of the sales will be coming to Prevent Breast Cancer.



Where the idea was born…


We’re proud to say that the co-founder of this start-up is one of our very own Ambassadors, Heather Glover. Heather first supported our charity back in 2019 where she was part of the awareness campaign ‘BreastFest’. It was here that she met fellow flat women, discovered they too faced similar frustrations in the lingerie department, and the idea of Skarlette began to brew…

Together with co-founder and designer, Kate Maurice, the idea blossomed into a beautifully reality.

Heather and Kate

“Skarlette is important to us because it opens a conversation that women going through breast cancer surgery just don’t have. It reassures women that they are still beautiful, strong and aren’t defined by their breasts or lack of them. It will help to build confidence and give women choice and we feel this is very important in the journey to recovery”


Made in Manchester

Lovingly handmade by the British lingerie designer, Ella & Me, you can see where their motto – stitched with love – was coined.

The Skarlette is proud to be Made in England – and even more proud to be Made in Manchester! Being a Manchester based charity, this was music to our ears.



The bralette is just the beginning…

Knowing all too well that swimwear can also be a source of stress and disappointment for flat women, the duo plan to launch a bikini range in 2022.



Stay in touch

For more information, click here to visit their website. To follow the Skarlette journey, stay connected with them on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.