Mr Rajiv V Dave is a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast and Endocrine Surgeon, based at The Nightingale Centre, and is an active supporter of Prevent Breast Cancer.

Mr Dave was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa, before completing medical training in Leeds, Melbourne and Manchester. Mr Dave continues to be involved in the development of global partnerships in breast cancer and is passionate about the artistry of breast surgery.

His passion outside his clinical work is wildlife art, inspired by his upbringing in Kenya. He has recently donated his artwork to raise funds for both Prevent Breast Cancer, and the International Forum of the Association of Breast Surgery.

If you’re ever in The Nightingale Centre, the home of Prevent Breast Cancer, you can see three of his pieces, up close and personal, outside the Prevent Breast Cancer coffee shop.

In our latest blog, he tells us more about both his occupation and the inspiration behind his art.

When did you start painting? Do you paint from photos and what inspires certain ideas?

My father owned a painting/decorating company – so we had plenty of spare paint lying around! I’ve been painting since I was a child. Growing up in Kenya, I was surrounded by inspiration, and I paint from both photos and memory. I have spent countless hours in Safari parks observing animals, especially elephants, which are my favourite subject. I try to capture the ‘feel’ of the moment I am painting, using texture and ‘chiaroscuro’ (using light and shadow) to dramatise my work, rather than be too focussed on detail.

Tell us more about your day-to-day job

I am an oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgeon, and I love the breadth and depth of clinical stimulation this brings. Breast surgery truly brings together science and art in a way that no other surgical discipline does. I love being able to deliver the fantastic oncological outcomes that modern-day multimodal breast cancer treatment offers. Additionally, I truly enjoy being able to minimise the psychological impact of surgery by using my art background in the planning and execution of reconstructive breast surgery. We are truly blessed in the UK to be able to provide such a high level of care within the publicly funded system. Endocrine surgery gives the opportunity to perform intricate and delicate surgery in a part of the body with challenging anatomy – and it will always be exhilarating for me to both perform thyroid and parathyroid surgery, and to train future surgeons.

Rajiv Dave

How have you supported Prevent Breast Cancer before?

I am proud to be part of the Prevent Breast Cancer family. I have delivered videos geared towards increasing awareness and understanding in breast cancer and review the male breast cancer public information page. I have supported charitable events, and more recently, I am working towards developing Art Psychotherapy for patients awaiting risk reducing surgery.

Can you tell us more about your developing of global partnerships

I was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya, and have a passion for closing the gap on health (and healthcare) inequality and inequity through global partnerships; specifically, breast cancer awareness and promoting access to services, peer-education and surgical skills training.

I have participated in global ventures throughout both my training and my consultant practice, including Operation Hernia as a trainee, and more recently through the International Forum of the Association of Breast Surgery and the Kenya UK Health Alliance, of which I am one of the founding steering members. Through this, we organised the first Kenya UK Breast Cancer Alliance Awareness Week in October 2021, and held our second meeting in March 2024 in Kisii, Kenya. This partnership disrupts the traditionally ‘colonial’ model of ‘International Health’, which has been hierarchical and unidirectional in its nature, whereby high-income countries dictate what and how systems should function in lower income countries. Modern models of Global Partnerships recognise that learning and benefits are bi-directional, and are equally of benefit to NHS staff, who would develop a better understanding of reaching marginalised ethnic minority communities in the UK and develop skills that would enhance and invigorate their NHS practice.

Thank you so much to Mr Dave for sharing his passions with us today.

To view and purchase Mr Dave’s artwork, please take a look on his website. All proceeds will go towards supporting both Prevent Breast Cancer, and the International Forum of the Association of Breast Surgery. Don’t forget you can view three pieces, up close and personal, if you’re ever in The Nightingale Centre.

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