Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink 2016

Cheadle Hulme was one of the first towns in the North West to hold its own Paint Your Town Pink campaign.  A fun packed programme of pink themed fundraising events and activities took place from 28 September to 3 October 2016, tying in with Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The campaign was a huge success and raised an incredible £14,500 for Prevent Breast Cancer.

Paint Your Town Pink is Prevent Breast Cancer’s exciting new fundraising campaign which raises awareness and funds for a future without breast cancer.  This community fundraising campaign brings together local people to organise a programme of fun pink activities and events for their town.

Paint Your Town Pink’s core objectives are to:

  • Raise funds for Prevent Breast Cancer. This is vital income for our charity which receives no government funding
  • Increase awareness of breast cancer risk in each local area, along with the steps people can take to lower this
  • Increase the profile of the charity and its world class breast cancer prevention centre, based at University Hospital of South Manchester

The campaign also brings the following benefits to local areas:

  • Building networks. We know that working as part of a group with the same vision strengthens communities. Opportunities were presented to meet others who live and work locally
  • Providing free publicity and promoting participating businesses and organisations to local people as part of our marketing of Paint Your Town Pink
  • Increasing footfall into local town centres with a range of fun activities and events

The Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink team was led and supported by Prevent Breast Cancer’s Event Manager, Suzanna Dhawan.  Suzanna was aware that local residents sometimes overlooked Cheadle Hulme centre, so sought to remind them of all what was available within their local village. With this in mind, Suzanna first approached local businesses to get on board with the campaign.

By highlighting potential benefits such as increased footfall as well explaining our core objectives of raising awareness and funds, she persuaded almost 30 local businesses to get involved with the campaign. These ranged from travel agents to pet shops, pubs and restaurants to a local hotel, all sharing the same motivation and commitment to fundraise for Prevent Breast Cancer and our fight against the most common form of cancer in the UK.

The businesses encouraged a number of local residents to join them and together they became the Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink team. After assigning specific roles for organising their campaign, the team met every month to move things forward.  Then as organising the campaign became more involved, sub committees were created and met more regularly.

With support from Suzanna, the team organised a colossal number of events as part of their Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink programme.  The team let their imagination run riot, taking a creative approach to fundraising that enticed hundreds of local people to participate over the week.  In fact the town was awash with pink for those seven days!

A local brewer created a special pink brew for Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink called the ‘Booby Trap’!  There pink pampering evenings, pink tea parties, pink dancing days at a performing arts school and a pink parade through the streets. Taking part in the parade were of Stockport Councillor Lisa Walker, Deputy Mayoress, Mrs Angela Bennett, Cheadle MP Mary Robinson and Bramhall South Councillor Mike Hurlston.

Our partner for the campaign was the ‘I love Cheadle Hulme’ web portal which led on communicating the campaign to local residents, through its site and social media channels.

Prevent Breast Cancer supported the marketing via our own channels, including our newsletter, social media accounts and website which together have an audience of tens of thousands of local people. Corporate sponsorship enabled flyers, banners and posters to be printed to further raise awareness of the campaign.

All marketing used the Prevent Breast Cancer branding and explained the purpose behind the campaign.  In this way we raised awareness of breast cancer risk and the work of the charity among the people living and working in Cheadle Hulme, while promoting fun events they could take part in.

The team took a proactive approach to securing media coverage which meant that the campaign was covered by the local press and also featured on radio stations, Imagine FM and Pure FM. Securing the support of several local politicians assisted with this and also meant that they promoted the campaign through their own communication channels.

Prevent Breast Cancer was delighted with the success of Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink, which was successful in achieving all core objectives, as well as delivering a range of benefits to the town.  Keeping our costs so low ensured a high return on investment.

In summary the campaign achieved the following:

  • An incredible £14,500 in funds raised for Prevent Breast Cancer.
  • We increased awareness of breast cancer risk among the hundreds of local people who organised and attended the fundraising events and activities. Many thousands more read about the campaign in the local press, heard about it on the radio and via communications from local politicians, participating businesses, local residents and Prevent Breast Cancer.
  • The team helped to increase the profile of our charity. All marketing materials and communications clearly explained that the campaign was raising funds for Prevent Breast Cancer and outlined our vital work.
  • The campaign provided opportunities for local businesses to build networks and provide mutual support to each other. Examples included I heart Cheadle Hulme who were able to introduce their services to a number of local businesses.  The brewer who created the ‘Booby Trap’ drink for the campaign began working with a range of new pubs and restaurants.
  • Marketing activity saw participating businesses promoted to local residents via channels including direct mail, social media and the local press. Activity by Prevent Breast Cancer alone promoted participants to an audience of over 10,000 people in the North West.
  • The week saw a marked increase in footfall in Cheadle Hulme town centre. Some events attracted hundreds of local people.
  • The team have now set their first meeting date to start planning Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink 2017.