Corporate ambassador, Emma Gannon

Emma Garner is a young woman forging her professional career in the big city.  She’s an accountant working with one of the big four firms in central Manchester.

“It might seem strange for someone as young and busy as myself to want to engage with a breast cancer charity” says Emma, “especially as I don’t have direct personal experience of the disease.“

Emma helped to organise a talk by Prevent Breast Cancer at her office that focused on the causes of the disease and how to reduce risk. This dramatically changed her views.

“Young women of my age don’t think about diseases like breast cancer, “says Emma “our minds are full of work, fashion, partying and having fun.  But I now feel that it’s vital to raise awareness of the risk factors of breast cancer amongst my colleagues and my extended network.  I want to show the impact and the risk of the disease from a young woman’s perspective and I really feel that I can make a difference in that way.”

Emma has come forward as the first Manchester based corporate ambassador for Prevent Breast Cancer and we are delighted to welcome her on board.