As part of our amazing 100 boobees campaign, we are reaching out to 100 fearless women across Manchester who have been personally affected by breast cancer, one of our first advocates for the campaign is the fantastic Lucy Eardley and this is her story…

Lucy Eardley BreastFest BooBee Prevent Breast Cancer

Lucy was a busy 35-year-old mother of two young children under five when she noticed a strange, tingling feeling in one of her breasts and noticed a lump after giving herself a quick check-over in the shower. She knew instantly something wasn’t right.

After Lucy visited the doctors, the worst was confirmed. She was diagnosed with a grade 3 breast cancer tumour. The doctors wasted no time in treating Lucy, using a combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and an operation to remove the cancerous tissue. After months of treatment, Lucy finally heard the fantastic and comforting news that she was cancer free. Lucy now takes a preventative medication called Tamoxifen that helps to prevent breast cancer.

The harrowing experience inspired Lucy to teach others of the importance of checking your breasts often for any abnormalities including her own mother, aged 63, who had also noticed a lump on her own breast which she had been concerned about for a while.

When Lucy’s own mother went to get her breasts checked by a doctor, they confirmed that while the lump was benign, Lucy’s mother was diagnosed with early breast cancer in her other breast. Thankfully, because the cancer was caught so early, Lucy’s mother was able to receive treatment and make a full recovery. The cancer was also not caused by genetics, it was pure coincidence that both Lucy and her mum were diagnosed with the disease, and thanks to Lucy’s initiative, they both managed to catch the disease before it became incurable for either of them.

Lucy credits her self-checks as the reason why she was able to get diagnosed and receive treatment before things were beyond help. With two young children and a hectic lifestyle to keep on top of, breast cancer was something she obviously had never anticipated. Even with children and a busy life, Lucy stands by the fact that everyone has time to check their breasts regularly for any lumps or irregularities, whether it be before getting changed in the morning or checking while in the shower, it only takes a few minutes and could save lives.

Speaking to Lucy, she had this to say about her experience:
“My story might seem extraordinary, but in reality, it’s just one of the many breast cancer stories out there. By speaking out on it, I hope to inspire others to take ownership of their own health and check their breasts regularly. Or, if they have any concerns, no matter how minor, to get checked, just like mum and I did.”

We are looking for more brave women to take part in BreastFest through our various campaigns. If you know anybody else in the Manchester area who has had their own personal experience with breast cancer, please encourage them to come forward and share their story with us.