With January – and the obligatory diet and detox – now firmly behind us, we’d all be telling a fib or two if we said we haven’t been tempted to  drift back to our unhealthy lifestyles, and  treat ourselves over the past week or so, for being so good during the last month.

It’s only natural that after a month of healthy, clean eating, we give our bodies a few high calorie treats and enjoy a bit of what we love. However, it’s important that we stay motivated all year round in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle – and subsequently reduce our risk of developing diseases, including breast cancer.

Our resident research dietitian, Dr Michelle Harvie, is cheerleading a team of dieters over at BBC Radio Manchester right now as they give their eating habits an overhaul. Presenter, Becky Want, has enlisted Dr Harvie to help her and three others take on The 2-Day Diet.

The group, which started the diet at the beginning of January, wanted to shed their festive pounds and re-educate themselves on how to maintain a healthy diet, lose weight and importantly, keep it off.

Pioneered by Dr Harvie and Professor Tony Howell for Prevent Breast Cancer, The 2-Day  Diet – the original 5:2 diet – involves sticking to a low calorie, low-carbohydrate diet for two days a week and following a Mediterranean-style eating plan for five days.

An added bonus of losing weight with the diet is that if a woman can lose around half a stone, and keep it off, they can reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by up to 40 per cent.

Now, as our dieters – who have so far lost a combined total of over two and a half stone – reach the halfway point of their challenge, Dr Harvie has offered the below tips to help them (and you!) stay on track all year round.

  • You can treat yourself – allow yourself one special meal’ a week where you can indulge. Whether it’s a fish and chip supper or a delicious dessert, it’s important that you don’t totally deprive yourself. As long as you get straight back on track, you won’t damage your results.
  • Do your research when eating out – socialising at restaurants doesn’t have to mean that your diet falls apart. Have a look at the menu in advance and pre-select a dish which won’t hinder your eating plan too much.
  • Get a diet buddy – if you’ve been following The 2-Day Diet on your own, then ask a friend to join you. Once they’re on board, you can swap tips and recipes, making the whole process more fun and easier to stay motivated.
  • Try to get active – weight loss with dieting will slow down over time, unless you can burn extra calories  by  being  more

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