June 2021: A critical message from Lester Barr MBE

Author: Lester Barr MBE - Breast Surgeon and Prevent Breast Cancer Founder - March 17, 2022

A critical message from Lester Barr MBE, Breast Surgeon and Prevent Breast Cancer Founder. Your support by way of a monthly gift is vital if we are to protect future generations from breast cancer.



Over 55,100 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, that’s 150 diagnosed per day! Breast cancer is the most common cancer which is why we are calling on your support now, more than ever before.

The past year has not been easy, and the impact of the pandemic has seen a sharp fall in our income, meaning we have been unable to award any new research grants. For the first time in Prevent Breast Cancer’s history, the future of our research programme has been at risk. We are determined to never let this happen again!


Help us protect our research

We receive no government funding and rely solely on the income generated by supporters like you. During the past year, a crucial priority of ours has been to protect our active research studies. We are pleased to say our existing research projects can continue, but we know this is not a quick fix and we need to act now to build a better future by continuing to fund innovative and life changing research.

We want a world without breast cancer and your support by way of a monthly gift is vital if we are to achieve this and protect our future generations.

Become a monthly giver

A donation of just £5 per month will support our vital research programme and take us closer to our ultimate goal, a future free from breast cancer.

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Prevent Breast Cancer is the only UK charity entirely dedicated to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer – we’re committed to freeing the world from the disease altogether. Unlike many cancer charities, we’re focused on preventing, rather than curing. Promoting early diagnosis, screening and lifestyle changes, we believe we can stop the problem before it starts. And being situated at the only breast cancer prevention centre in the UK, we’re right at the front-line in the fight against the disease.

Join us today and help us create a future free from breast cancer. If you have any questions or concerns, email info@preventbreastcancer.org.uk today.