Author: John Ardern - March 17, 2022


Although Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be a little different this year, we’re not going to let anything stop us from spreading our message and raising breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October.

This year, for understandable reasons, we’re going digital and invite you to help us paint Instagram pink with #PinkPix for Prevent Breast Cancer.

The inspiration behind #PinkPix came from our supporter John Ardern, who tells us a little bit more about himself, the competition and why he has chosen to support our cause.


John, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is John Ardern – I’m originally a Scouser (still have some family there) but now live in Manchester. First arrived here in the Swinging Sixties over 50 years ago and I’ve stayed here ever since.

I’ve had a good career in marketing and market research – I worked at the Co-op, PZ Cussons and then set up my own market research and development agency which lasted 21 years! We worked for some brilliant clients, from Pleasure Beach Blackpool to BBC Books. After that, I became a Business Development Consultant and more recently a Mentor – an Uncle if you wish – to young people, especially in creative industries.

What’s your connection to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Unfortunately, six years ago, I lost one of my four daughters, Steph, to breast cancer. She was only 36 and had her life and career ahead of her. After a period of grieving and contemplation, I decided to dedicate the rest of my own life to helping and supporting young people. I wanted to make sure that other parents would not have to suffer losing a child the same way I lost Steph.

I pulled together a group of my friends and mentees and approached Prevent Breast Cancer to see what we could do to raise funds and awareness of the important work the charity is doing.


Can you tell us about #PinkPix?

Many of us creatives are based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, so we started to plan to “Paint the Northern Quarter Pink” as part of “Paint Manchester Pink” in October 2020. However, with the restrictions on physical events and activities due to the Covid 19 outbreak, we have developed an online competition – #PinkPix.

All you must do to enter is post a pink picture on your Instagram page, add that hashtag #PinkPix and tag @preventbreastcancer (if your account is private, make sure you are following Prevent Breast Cancer first so they can see your picture!)

Then we ask for you to text PINKPIX to 70085 to donate £5 to Prevent Breast Cancer.*

This is our first year, so we have no idea how much we are going to raise – but it’s as much as we possibly can!!


Who can get involved?

Anyone! We’ve pulled together a team of people from many different aspects of the creative industry – from photographers to fashion designers, from entertainers to smartphone app developers – from all ages – from all genders and sexual orientations – from all backgrounds. Yes, we invite anyone who wants to prevent breast cancer for future to get involved.


What would you say to anyone thinking of supporting the charity?

Pick up the phone, send an email, write a DM (Direct Message) through Social Media – and see how you can get involved. You won’t regret it!


How to enter?