When Lindsay Occleston received a diagnosis of breast cancer, she developed a tenacious desire to beat the disease and remain cancer-free. She did this partly by educating herself on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, learning how wellbeing can directly contribute to the risk of developing cancer. In turn, it resulted in some pretty drastic changes in her day-to-day life.

Lindsay Occleston cancer storyPart of Lindsay’s motivation to continue working on her fitness came after finishing several torturous months of breast cancer treatment. Unsure where to turn, Lindsay was introduced to someone at Prevent Breast Cancer:

“When I heard about their unique vision – I felt this immediately resonated with me, as I felt so strongly about helping prevent the disease in the first place to protect my daughter and all other children in the future.”

This stroke of good fortune meant that Lindsay was able to learn more about breast cancer awareness, her own diet and the lifestyle changes that could be made. It also meant that she was able to work as an ambassador for the breast cancer charity. This has led to a significant and sustainable level of weight loss, a better sense of well-being and an overall happier state of mind. Lindsay now urges anyone suffering with cancer to consider the same lifestyle and diet alterations.

“I would advise anyone looking to improve their wellbeing to avoid setting too high a goal, as it’s important to take little steps and they really can make a significant difference. Regular, moderate exercise can boost energy levels, as much as doing something really challenging.”

Since working with Prevent Breast Cancer, Lindsay has cycled from London to Paris – around 320 miles in distance! Adopting The 2-Day Diet and exercising regularly has also meant that Lindsay feels healthier than ever. In her own words, “success perpetuates success”.

Without breast cancer research, Lindsay’s inspirational story wouldn’t be possible. To continue the great work please consider donating today.