Hologic and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) kindly invited Prevent Breast Cancer to attend a Tennis Clinic and Q&A with coaching legend, Judy Murray on the 29th June. We were so grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity, having brought with us fourteen supporters, all having been affected by breast cancer.

We then enjoyed the brilliant finals matches at the renowned Eastbourne Tennis Tournament. This experience was a real testament to the spirit of teamwork and unwavering support for breast cancer prevention.

Hologic have been brilliant supporters of Prevent Breast Cancer for over a decade. As a company with a particular focus on women’s health, our partnership has been impactful in many ways from working together on an important breast awareness campaign, to sponsoring our September 2024 Prevention Conference. Hologic introduced us to the WTA and seeing in action their shared commitment to uplifting women in sport and championing women’s health showed us the importance of collaboration. Together, we were able to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention and celebrate our wonderful supporters.

Stepping onto our minibus ahead of the weekend, I could feel the excitement shared by our group. Many of us hadn’t picked up a racquet since we were in school but that didn’t stop our competitive spirit! From being taught the basics, competing in our own tennis grand slam, and then watching the professionals, we all truly caught the tennis bug.

One of our tennis teammates was Kate Tomkinson. Kate is breast care nurse and previously worked with Founder of Prevent Breast Cancer, Lester Barr. She is now working with patients with secondary breast cancer. She took on the London to Paris cycle in 2017 and has supported us with many events over the years. She said:

Eastbourne was a magical experience and one that I will never forget. It was great to have met so many inspirational breast cancer survivors and emphasise the importance of being breast aware and attending NHS screening mammograms. Key takeaway for me is the importance of promoting women’s health and fitness through events like this. Being coached by the legend that is Judy Murray was also a highlight. We had lots of laughs and used the smallest bean bags in the world in one of the tennis drills, which I compared to tea bags. Judy said that if they were tea bags, we could’ve had a cup of tea afterwards!

Opportunities such as this are crucial in raising awareness of breast cancer prevention. With huge thanks to Hologic and the WTA, your efforts have brought joy and support to some amazing individuals, and your dedication to making a difference is truly inspiring. We’re incredibly grateful for your support.

To hear how you can get involved and help us raise awareness or vital funds with your business or community, please get in touch.

Published On: July 10th, 2024 /

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