Hair Loss During Cancer Treatment

This week, we have a guest blog from Suburban Turban, which provides beautiful hats, scarves and turbans for women who are looking for something fashionable to wear while going through hair loss as a result of chemotherapy. Hair loss is a major consideration for many women affected by breast cancer and here, Suburban Turban offers some really useful advice for those faced with what to do during chemotherapy.


Hair is a unique part of our identity and adds to one’s appearance. Suddenly losing it because of cancer treatment can be disheartening for both men and women. Head scarves can help people with cancer cope emotionally and physically, helping them to feel beautiful and confident despite the challenges they may be facing.

Understanding Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Some chemotherapy drugs can cause complete hair loss, or hair thinning that is just not limited to the scalp. Some can also lead to complete loss of hair, resulting in no or very little hair remaining. However, for some people the treatment may lead not to hair loss so much as hair thinning.

In both cases, you may wish to seek ways of covering up your hair so that you can remain confident and looking good as you go about your daily life. Women’s turbans, chemo hats and human hair wigs are all great options.

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Lending a Helping Hand

If you know someone suffering from cancer and the side effects of its treatment, there are a number of ways that you can lend a helping hand:

  • Talk to them about their emotions and try to understand how they’re feeling
  • Recognise how vulnerable and exposed hair loss may make them feel
  • Be a good, patient listener when required
  • Remain positive without being insensitive.

Tips and Tricks to Protect and Prevent

  • A new look is a great way of helping people feel positive during cancer treatment.
  • Thinning hair, or hair that’s growing following treatment, might easily break at first, so keep it short and easy to manage.
  • Avoid strong perfumes in shampoo or other hair products.
  • Be gentle with eyelashes and eyebrows because they might be affected. Where possible, try to avoid cosmetics.
  • Consult a dermatologist.

Hair loss can be a traumatic experience that affects many cancer patients and, indeed, their loved ones. Nevertheless, maintaining a positive outlook is essential, and taking steps to look good, feel confident and achieve some level of normality can prove invaluable. By remaining supportive, patient and strong throughout cancer treatment – whether as someone with cancer or as part of their support group – you can make a massive difference during this testing time.

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