Viv Tomlinson

Supporter Viv Tomlinson, a former Merseyside Police Officer of 30 years’ service, took up playing bowls after an injury that forced her to give up hockey. Since being the National Champion in 1999 Viv, has become very involved in the administration and promotion of the sport.

Viv selected Prevent Breast Cancer as the charity she wanted to support prior to being appointed “Bowls England President 2017”. As she explained “I lost a close friend to this dreadful disease when I was just in my 30s, when diagnosed it was too late. Hence, for me, aiming to diagnose early, predict the likelihood of anyone developing breast cancer and actually working towards preventing it – this has to be the way forward. When visiting The Nightingale Centre to learn about the charity I was taken with the peace and serenity of the place and the determination of the charity team. I knew this was a charity worth supporting.”

As President during 2017, which is the tenth year of Bowls England, Viv will be travelling to England, Wales and Ireland and aims to encourage children through to any age to start playing, and generally change people’s perceptions of this sport being old fashioned! Viv also wants to raise awareness of the work being done by Prevent Breast Cancer.”

So far Viv has raised over £4,500 for Prevent Breast Cancer! An amazing amount and we are so grateful for all her support!