Carol Forshaw

When I was first invited to take part in the PROCAS study I knew I had let too much weight creep on but I also knew if I said yes I would need to commit to it as it was for research into the prevention of breast cancer. My eldest sister had died after the breast cancer she had been free of for thirteen years, returned, my other older sister has had breast cancer twice so the idea of preventing breast cancer just seems to be the best way to deal with breast cancer, prevention is better than cure.

My biggest fear was that I would be asked to exercise more and as I spend all day on my feet it felt like that was a step too far. So from the original invitation arriving to me ringing and saying, yes, I wanted to take part, was almost six months! The lady who answered the phone had to search had to find my details as it had been so long but she found me and made me an appointment to meet Grace, my dietitian.

At the first appointment Grace took lots of measurements and we discussed my families medical history, she gave me the 2 day diet book and another book about exercising. At home I read the book and thought, oh my goodness how am I going to get my head around this but then my practical head took over and I decided what I would eat the next day and wrote it all down, I did this for several days so that if there was a day that I simply couldn’t be bothered to work out my days portions I would be able to pick up a previous day’s plan and repeat it and as time progressed I found I didn’t need to write out the plans, I could work it out in my head very easily.

For exercise I began walking, twice a week for 40-50 minutes but I didn’t hardly read the book about exercise, I just looked at a few pages and put it down.

After 3 months I returned to see Grace and I had exceeded my target of weight loss and all my other measurements showed an improvement. I was so pleased with my progress and it really didn’t feel hard to have achieved this much so I set new targets for the next three months. I had this diet nailed but I was still being encouraged to exercise more. About a month later I signed up to a weekly Bootcamp! What had happened inside my head, I have no idea but suddenly it didn’t seem such a big deal and a year later I am still going, some weeks I do a Boxercise class too!

I returned to my final appointment with Grace at the six month point, I had lost much more weight than I set out to do and was at the high end of my ideal weight for my age and height, Grace took all the measurements again and told me my results were perfect. The two day diet had been a revelation, my weight loss averaged two pounds a week, it had not been hard to stick to and I was now healthy. I decided to continue on my own and get to the mid to lower end of the weight range for my height and this too has been easily achieved and maintained.

It is the last stone and a half that has changed my life so much, I am fit and healthy, able to think about working to my retirement date with ease, I was struggling carrying four and a half stones extra weight and it was probably going to kill me, it was certainly having a negative impact on my life. I am sixty years old and last Saturday I abseiled 150 feet down Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral   ,I have never done anything like it and couldn’t have done it without the 2 day diet.

My eating habits have changed, why would I want to eat something that could harm me? And best of all I have shared the secret of my success with others and I see their health improving as they follow the 2 day diet.