A quick dash to the local coffee shop for freshly ground coffee, then perhaps to pick up the latest copy of your favourite guilty pleasure magazine to idle away time on your daily commute. Now all but a distant memory for the majority of us.


Be Strong Coffee Mug #StayAtHome


Everyday life that we all took for granted is no more, and it may seem as though the rug has been pulled from beneath our feet, but it’s not all doom and gloom! For as long as we are safe in our homes with enough food and drink (and loo roll!), then we have everything we need.

We’re now calling on our supporters to think about their old life and all the possible savings you’re now making as a result of these unprecedented times. That weekly coffee you no longer grab with your best friend, or the price of your weekly Gregg’s habit (don’t worry, your secret sausage roll addiction is safe with us!), or even the price of your fake nails (yes, we miss our talons too!).


Lets Not Meet For Coffee Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK


We know times are tough, and we understand uncertainty is rife, but if possible, please consider making a donation to Prevent Breast Cancer in respect of everything you no longer do as a regular thing.

Another spin on #LetsNotMeetForCoffee is that through the powers of modern technology, you can meet your family and friends on the likes of Zoom or Houseparty! You could organise drinks one night, and ask everybody who takes part to make a donation to Prevent Breast Cancer.

#LetsNotMeetForCoffee embraces all the social changes happening right now, but in a positive way! Some would even say that present day life has been a wake-up call to make us appreciate everything we have, and what better way to give back, than to donate to our research that will one day make breast cancer a thing of the past!