10 Out of 10 Challenge

Up for a challenge and recently found yourself with a lot of spare time on your hands?

Then look no further than the 10 out of 10 challenge!

10 Out of 10 Challenge Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK

Challenge your family and friends and help raise much needed funds for Prevent Breast Cancer.

It’s a very simple concept. Pick 10 challenges and do them over 10 days with whomever you wish, with the person coming in last place having to make a donation to Prevent Breast Cancer. You can donate here really easily. Make sure to make use of technology and all get a Zoom / HouseParty account, so you can all join in and watch each other as you take on the challenges. Work out your own scoring system and decide on any rules.

But what challenges I hear you ask. Well, that’s the magic of the 10 out 10 challenge, as you pick whatever your heart desires. From physical challenges, to ultimate brain challenging ones, the world is your oyster!

Virtual Quiz #StayAtHome

Ideas include –

  • Who can do the most press ups in one minute
  • Who can do the most star jumps in a minute
  • Who can stand on one leg the longest
  • Who can drink a pint of water the fastest
  • Who can hold the longest note
  • Who can keep a balloon in the air for the longest amount of time
  • Who can do the longest yoga pose
  • Who can make the best-looking sandwich with their hands tied behind their back!
  • Using chopsticks and dried foods such as chickpeas, see who can get the most chickpeas out of a bowl in a minute using their chopsticks
  • Who can build the biggest card house out of a pack of playing cards within a set amount of time.

We’d love to see videos or photos of your chosen challenges, so make sure to tag us and also use the hashtag #10outof10challenge

As with all fundraising for Prevent Breast Cancer, please don’t put yourself or others in danger when carrying out your chosen challenges.