The current situation in the world means that regular fundraising has had to take a back seat, and instead, we’ve had to come up with ideas that can be done in the likes of your living rooms, bedrooms and back gardens aka #StayAtHome.



The country may be on lock-down, but we still need your help in fundraising much needed funds to plough into our research once all this upheaval is over.

We know times are tough, and not everyone can donate, but if you can spare any time to help fundraise, or even make a small donation, then we would be so grateful.

Breathe #StayAtHome

We believe fundraising now has two main elements. One, to obviously fundraise for us, but also, two, something to keep you occupied and your spirits up by bringing everyone together, be it in the virtual sense!  We have therefore come up with some fun ideas!

As a side-note, if you’re planning on holding a few fundraisers during lock-down, maybe you could set up a JustGiving page, so all your donations go to one place! It’s as easy as visiting

  • Throw a virtual party! Get your family and friends to download the apps Houseparty or Zoom and get your drinks and snacks at the ready. Tell all those taking party that they must make a donation through the Prevent Breast Cancer website before they join. If you fancy something a bit more refined, you could even organise a virtual tea party. What better excuse than to get out your best china?

Virtual Catch Up #StayAtHome

  • Bake some boobs! Our #BakeABoob has always been a popular fundraiser in the past and is so much fun! Get all your friends and family involved, make a donation to us for taking part, and vote for the best boobs! The best part is that you can catch up over cake afterwards through Houseparty or Zoom!

#BakeABoob #StayAtHome

  • Organise a virtual pub quiz. As above, the use of technology makes this an easy way of both fundraising and catching up with family and friends. There are lots of readymade quizzes to choose from on the web if you don’t fancy creating your own questions.

Virtual Quiz #StayAtHome

  • Are you a musician, or perhaps you have a skill or certain craft you could share with people? Then how about organising an event on Facebook or Zoom, and charging people to take part. We can help you with all elements of this, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.
  • Virtual book club. Reading lots of books on lock-down? How about organising your own book club and getting all your participants to make a donation to Prevent Breast Cancer.

Virtual Book Club #StayAtHome

  • Want to give your brain a bit of a workout. Then organising a poetry competition may be the fundraiser for you. You could pick a particular subject, or let your family and friends go wild! Just as long as they make a donation in return for taking part.
  • Been meaning to empty your wardrobes and sort through your clothes? Well, now is a perfect time to de-clutter and sell your clothes on Ebay and donate your profits to us!

Wardrobe declutter #StayAtHome

  • Now that the hairdressers and barbers have unfortunately had to shut, fancy doing something different with your usual look? How about dyeing your hair a luscious shade of pink? Of if you’re able to grow a beard, take advantage of isolating and release your inner cave man! Just make sure you get family and friends to sponsor you for all your effort.

Pink Hair #StayAtHome

  • Finding yourself ordering off the internet whilst under lock-down? Did you know if you shop with Amazon Smile, Amazon will make a donation to Prevent Breast Cancer. Just follow this link ( ) and shop as you normally would.

Be Strong Coffee Mug #StayAtHome

  • Hold a baby photo contest. Get all your friends and loved ones to send you a photo of themselves as a baby, and make sure they make a small donation to Prevent Breast Cancer. Make an online album for everyone to view and all those taking part have to vote on specific categories i.e. cutest baby or chubbiest cheeks!

Baby Photo Competition #StayAtHome

  • How about getting sponsored to run around your garden, or maybe you could see how many star jumps you could do in an hour? The wackier the better.

Yoga #StayAtHome

  • Not fancying any of the above but want to make a difference. Something as simple as setting up a Facebook fundraiser in memory or in celebration of a loved one would be a great help to our charity. You can also set up fundraisers on Facebook for your birthday.
  • Nothing on this list making you jump with joy, but have your own fundraising ideas? Then don’t let us stop you and go for it!

As with all fundraising, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions by emailing

Thank You #StayAtHome



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