Women’s World Cup 2019 Sweepstake



Looking for a really easy way to support Prevent Breast Cancer?

Join in the World Cup spirit by taking part in our fun and easy sweepstake!

Get involved, pick a country and help to prevent breast cancer for future generations.

We’ve created a complete sweepstake pack for you to download and print off to save you the hard work of doing it yourself! You will find the pack and country list on the right-hand side of this page. It includes instructions, team names and a handy table to keep track of the person who has picked each team. 

Prevent Breast Cancer Women's World Cup Sweepstake 2019 Teams


Cut out each country, fold them up and put them into a container or envelope before the first match kicks off on 7th June 2019.

Ask those who want to take part to draw a county at random for a suggested price of £3.00 per team to create a prize pot.

Make a note of who has picked which country on the poster provided.

Enjoy the tournament and cheer on your team.

After the World Cup Final is played on 7th July 2019, award the prize money to the person who picked the winning team.

We would be grateful to receive a donation of half the overall prize pot, but the winner is free to donate what they wish or make no donation.

You can donate online at www.preventbreastcancer.org.uk/donate or phone the Prevent Breast Cancer office on 0161 291 4400.

After a donation is a made we will send you a thank you certificate to display proudly.