30 Day Feel Good Challenge

Do you need that push to get fitter? Kick a bad habit? or just want to try something new? If so, why not take on the 30 Day Feel Good Challenge with Prevent Breast Cancer?

Feel great, get fit and help prevent breast cancer for future generations.

So how does it work?

1. Pick a Month

Have you had a Gluttonous Christmas? Is a holiday beckoning? Or is there something you just want to try? Choose your month and start feeling great!

2. Choose a Challenge

So what challenges can you take on?

Why not try giving up fizzing drinks or chocolate?
Have you ever seen a class at your local gym or a sport that you’ve always been a bit too scared to do?! Book yourself on.
Why not use the stairs instead of the lift?
The possibilities are endless – So anyone can get involved.

If you’re struggling for challenges ideas why not try one our suggested ideas?


3. Keep it up for 30 Days

Whatever you do we want you to keep it up for 30 days, so you can start to feel the benefits of all your hard work.

4. Raise the Cash

Get friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you throughout your challenge.

Why not set up a ‘Cheat Box’ in work in case you have a moment of weakness? Or a ‘Sympathy Box’ for those friends and colleagues who are seeing you battle through your challenge.

And make sure you tell everyone about your challenge – Shout it from the rooftops, Tweet, take photos, blog, vlog and post your stories to Facebook.