Supporters, Janine Kay and Mandy Cohen

Mandy Cohen and Janine Kay are friends who have been supporters of Prevent Breast Cancer for more than 20 years and have raised over £100,000 for our research to predict and prevent the disease – an absolutely staggering amount! So how do they do it and can anyone fundraise? We quizzed Mandy and Janine about their support of our charity over the years and their bridge fundraiser coming up this March.

Mandy and Janine, could tell us about the Ladies’ Bridge Lunch you have generously organised for Prevent Breast Cancer on Monday 2nd March?
The ladies’ bridge lunch will be held at the home of one of our very good friends and a staunch supporter of Prevent Breast Cancer.  Everyone coming along will enjoy a welcome drink followed by a two course hot lunch and hopefully some great bridge! There will also be a raffle with some lovely prizes.

These types of events are very popular, spending an afternoon having a good game of bridge in the winter months is just what people love to do.  We do still have tickets available for the event, so please give us a call to book yours on 07703 472216 or 07798 566437.

Mandy, can you explain how you got involved with Prevent Breast Cancer, or the Genesis Appeal as it then was?
Janine found out about the Genesis Appeal through her friend Joy Stewart who had recently lost her sister-in-law to breast cancer. Joy asked Janine to fundraise in her memory and Janine asked me if I would get involved too.  It was a no brainer for both of us to raise money for this fantastic charity.

Six of us formed the South Manchester Friends of Genesis group to support the charity: Janine, Joy Stewart, Sandra Stewart, Sue Hellman, Gill Kay and I. It was a small charity back then, but after a number of fundraising events our dream became a reality with the building of The Nightingale Centre, Europe’s first breast cancer prevention centre.  There is a plaque in the entrance behind the front desk which reads: “Dedicated to South Manchester Friends of Genesis” of which we are very proud.

You’ve raised an unbelievable amount of money for Prevent Breast Cancer, what makes you so passionate about our charity?
We both have daughters, granddaughters and know so many friends who have had breast cancer. We wanted to get involved because we believe that the research done by this amazing charity will save many lives in the future.

We’ve been welcomed to The Nightingale Centre and seen the research being carried out, so we know how our contribution has helped.

The thing that continues to drive us is that we both enjoy raising money for this amazing charity, as it’s the only one that works solely on the prevention of breast cancer. We need to make sure we’re making a difference for our future generations.

Do you think anyone can fundraise for Prevent Breast Cancer? What would you say to anyone thinking of supporting the charity in this way?
Yes, anyone can do fundraising!  It doesn’t have to be on a large scale – it can be anything from a cake bake to a sponsored walk or swim to a bridge lunch! It’s all about being willing and wanting to do something to raise awareness.

If you feel inspired to fundraise for Prevent Breast Cancer like Mandy and Janine, please take a look at our website, call the team on 0161 291 4400 or email: