As part of BreastFest – a month-long campaign that launches in October and aims to make Greater Manchester the most breast-aware region in the UK – we’re excited to reveal its exclusive range of BooBee merchandise! The products have been curated by BreastFest organiser and long-standing Prevent Breast Cancer supporter Margo Cornish, alongside friends Heidi Chapman and Victoria Stead.

We know that many women forget to check their breasts as regularly as they should, so the aim of the range is to subtly remind them to keep an eye out for any changes and be more breast aware. Plus, the proceeds will go towards our vital work into preventing breast cancer for future generations!

BeeYou – Natural toiletries

BooBee Merchandise

BeeYou is BreastFest’s exclusive range of all-natural, organic body products, perfect for relaxing in the bath with! They are as luxurious as they are good for your skin – all of the products are paraben-free.

The BooBee soap-on-a-rope has been handmade by artisan producers Cheshire Soap, using pure essential oils, locally sourced honey and rapeseed oil, and is enriched with shea butter. Embossed with the Queen Bee herself, the floral-scented soap has a handy rope to hang up in the shower – plus, it’s a great reminder to check your breasts whilst you’re in there!

For the ultimate pamper session, you can also pick up the BooBee Aromatherapy Shower Gel and Aromatherapy Body Lotion, both carrying the zingy, fresh signature scent and both formulated with purely natural ingredients. As those who are undergoing chemotherapy can find that they are particularly sensitive to scents, the shower gel, body lotion and soap-on-a-rope also have a fragrance-free version.

Top it off with the BooBee Body Balm, made from Wiltshire beeswax and packed full of botanical oils and vitamin A to soften and smooth your skin – and don’t forget about your lips! The BooBee lip balm, enriched with nourishing beeswax, cocoa butter and organic sunflower oil, is a must-have for every handbag.

BooBee homeware

BooBee Merchandise Homeware

We love these gorgeous glass tiles, hand crafted by artist Natalie Phoenix! Each tile is unique and features our leading lady. You can pick between delicate glass decorations that come attached to a ribbon, or a framed glass tile – both of which will add a touch of colour and style to your home. The tiles are available in several different sizes, so you have plenty of options to choose from!

Natalie has also created these exclusive, original ‘Womanchester’ street signs, brandishing the slogan ‘Strong women wear pink’ – a perfect statement piece with added girl power! We’ve also commissioned renowned artist Ali Hargreaves to design these luxurious velvet boudoir cushions, featuring a stunning watercolour BooBee design. Not only would they make a stunning addition to your sofa, they are a useful reminder to check your breasts when lying down.

BooBee t-shirts

Proudly show your support for BreastFest with our BooBee t-shirts – made of 100 per cent cotton, the t-shirts are available with either ‘Womanchester’ or ‘Queen Bee’ emblazoned across the back! Sporting the t-shirt is a great way to support the campaign and raise awareness.

Visit the BooBee shop to take a look at the rest of the exclusive products – every single penny from the profits of the BreastFest range goes towards funding our vital work, so by buying from the shop, you are helping to create a future free from breast cancer!