Francine Goldman: Fundraising was my distraction from cancer treatment.

Having been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Francine Goldman, dedicated as much time as she possibly could to fundraising for Prevent Breast Cancer. Here’s how organising a sponsored 5K dog walk helped Francine through her treatment.



‘After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I looked up my surgeon, Lester Barr, on google and his work with Prevent Breast Cancer interested me. I decided to raise some money as Prevent Breast Cancer was hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic. So, I decided I needed a challenge! I organised a 5K sponsored dog walk through Fleaton Park.

I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. My March mammogram was cancelled due to Covid-19 but was rescheduled for August 2020. As the results showed calcification in my left breast, I was asked to go for more investigation including a biopsy and ultrasound. Several biopsies later, I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) in the left breast, in two areas. I am writing this blog 36 hours before my surgery on the 11th November. My surgery is a ‘therapeutic mammoplasty’ with reconstruction. I am hoping no invasive cancer is found during the surgery. Otherwise, I will probably have to go back for a mastectomy.

The event took place on Sunday 1st November. Everyone turned up in a field in the local park, I could see everyone was eager and positive. I was so excited that everyone was helping me raise money for such an amazing cause. I became totally obsessed with raising money for Prevent Breast Cancer to the point that for 2 weeks I hadn’t really thought about myself and the cancer. All I was doing was waiting the donations roll in! My target of £120 is now £5,600! I won’t be happy until we get to £6,000.’


If you’d like to help Francine reach her £6,000 goal, please donate by clicking here.

Francine Goldman