BreastFest Manchester Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK

We’re thrilled to tell you more about BreastFest & how you can get involved! BreastFest is a unique month-long campaign that aims to make Greater Manchester the most breast-aware region in the UK!

Working alongside Cancer Charity Campaigner and Prevent supporter Margo Cornish, our goal is to equip women with the knowledge that they need to understand the different risk factors that can lead to breast cancer, and educate them about the symptoms. In partnership with Margo, a charity powerhouse whom in recent years has raised over 650,000 for local cancer charities, we aim to raise awareness & funds for our vital research into prevention to continue.

Margo said: “It’s a stark reality that every year in the UK 55,000 individuals are diagnosed with breast cancer – that’s approximately 150 a day. And, every year, we lose a staggering 11,400 people to this devastating disease. I myself have seen many of my dear friends directly affected by breast cancer, and it’s for this very reason I was inspired to launch BreastFest in partnership with Prevent Breast Cancer.”

With a host of events lined up in October, BreastFest will also showcase the world-class research that our scientists and clinicians have done and will do, right here in Manchester.

Bee One of our 100 Women Prevent Breast Cancer BreastFest Boobee

Ahead of the campaign in October ­– which is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month – we’re looking to recruit 100 women who have been personally affected by the disease to become ambassadors for BreastFest. Or, as we prefer to call them, ‘BooBees’ after our wonderful Manchester Queen Bee BooBee, the official symbol of BreastFest!

Our BooBees will be part of our wonderful Pink Hives working with us to reach out to the wider community sharing their stories in a bid to raise awareness & fundraise. They will be involved in our forthcoming high profile events on the run up to and throughout October, including joining our mobile campaign on our BooBee bus and starring in our Ladies “Afternoon Bee” event on the 5th October. It promises to be an afternoon full of glitz, glamour and entertainment but with a clear & powerful emphasis on breast health delivered in partnership with some of the most eminent experts in the medical and scientific fields.

Our 100 women will be supported throughout the campaign by the BooBee team & The Queen Bee’s. The Pink Hives will be headed by a Queen Bee, women who themselves have been affected by breast cancer and supported by the team here at Prevent Breast Cancer.

BreastFest is a real opportunity to change people’s mindsets around the risks & symptoms of breast cancer whilst providing our BooBees a chance to meet other women going through similar journeys and create strong special bonds working together towards our goals.

Queen Bees Prevent Breast Cancer BreastFest Boobb

Here from one of our Queen Bee’s on what BreastFest means to them, Steph said “If sharing my story could save one woman’s life then that would be my greatest achievement. I want women of all communities to talk openly & honestly about breast awareness and attend screening available to them. If we know more, we can fight it & eradicate it, god willing.”

So how can you get involved?

Well we are holding two open day events here at The Nightingale Centre on Saturday 13th April & Tuesday 16th April, were we are inviting women who’ve registered to come along & find out more about how they can get involved.

If you’d like to register your interest & attend one of our events then head over to the official website www.boobee.co.uk to register & find out more about BreastFest!