SONGIFY Live – where you’re in charge of the music

Date: March 23, 2018
Time: 8:00 pm  to  1:30 am

Music to your ears! 


There’s been a lot of talk about this music event and we are so excited to finally share- it’s happening!!

London based, The Piano Works are the main line up, for what can only be described as the loudest, sing-a-long, eclectic mixed music party in the North West…and the great thing is- YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE MUSIC!



Pianoworks Songify Prevent Breast Cancer



Behind every favourite song there’s a hidden story…what’s yours?


How it works

It’s easy

YOU request it

THEY sing it-LIVE

You can request as many times as you like throughout the night, using the white ‘request’ napkins.


BUMP IT to the top- Request on a PINK ‘request’ napkin for £5 and your song gets bumped to the top PLUS you will be entered a FREE PRIZE DRAW to win a fantastic prize!



What else is going on?

Simply put, LOADS!

We’ve got some ‘Pop Ups’ offering some very unique merchandise and partywear. If you’ve been to one of our events before, you’ll know we are all about FUN and INTERACTION, so there will be plenty of that!

We’ve also managed to secure some great unique, one off memorabilia- so keep an eye out! You may be going home with an item belonging to your favorite idol!


What does your £35 ticket cover?


Your entrance,

A welcome drink,

Unlimited FREE requests

Over 5 hours of entertainment

Loads of chances to win some great prizes


Is there food?

Ok, so let’s be honest, this is a night out- it’s all about the music! With that in mind, we may not be serving a 3-course meal but we know you’ll want to snack. So you will be able to grab a bowl or plate of something- ON US!

We’re thinking something quick, easy and filling, like LOADED NACHOS or LOADED FRIES and for all you ‘sweet-tooths’ out there, don’t worry, we’ve ordered a dessert station too!





At Manchester’s most iconic music and ‘gig’ space of course!


Trafford Road, Manchester, M17 1AB

Hashtags- #SONGIFY #HouseofSong


What now?

Click below and purchase your tickets.

For more information call or email

0161 291 4400

*Sponsorship Opportunities available- don’t be shy, just get in touch. The warehouse is our oyster!